Sunday, September 13, 2009

Magic Pack #1 - Now We're Talkin'

Before I write this blog I want to give a disclaimer. As I sit in the living room and watch week #1 of the NFL season, pretty much every prediction that I have made in the last couple days has utterly and miserably failed. That's the NFL for you, parody every year. So when I write about the cards I receive, you can pretty much bank on the opposite of anything I say!

So today I rip my first pack of Magic. I was pretty disappointed with Philadelphia yesterday. It was not exactly what I had in mind when I pulled the pack from the hobby box. I was not that impressed with the cards. When I look for a packet of football cards, I do NOT need to pull a Vietnam war hobby card.

So I was reasonably surprised and happy on my first pack of Magic. This is more what I had in mind when searching for a "Turkey Red"ish pack of cards that will help to ring in the 2009 NFL season. Some of these in this pack are definitely outstanding. Here are the results of my first pack.

Demetrius Williams - Ducky! Not a Ducks fan, apparently neither is Baltimore.

Rashard Mendenhall - I cannot believe that I actually got into a fight with a buddy last fantasy season for taking insider information (from me) that I really liked mendenhall, only to swoop him up right before me when we learned he was going to get his first start on Monday Night Football. I did not talk to him for days. Turned out that Mendenhall got hurt on his first play and the whole fight was for nothing anyways. I have him on my team again this year. I never learn.
Jason Hill - From Pullman. Off the map. Another random no name in SF, although he did have 30 catches last year.
Andrew Walter - Spent the last seasons withering away in Oakland. I am starting to see a theme with these Magic cards....

Justin Fargas - Oh lord, another Raider in the pack. I don't expect much from him...which means that he is going to rush for 2000 yards this year.
Willis McGahee - A bit of a thorn in my side since I drafted Ray Rice. Rice got the 100 yard game, McGahee got the TD.

Bo Jackson! Bo used to tear the Seahawks UP. This is a nice little All-American insert card.
Devin Thomas mini - A second round pick by the Skins in 2008. Did not show up on the reception list today. Guess this is considered a prospect mini.
Hmm, well I have to say that I really like the look of these cards, but the actually players in this pack are severely lacking cred (except for Bo, of course). These are going to be fun to open, but we need to step it up a bit on the next pack, eh?

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