Friday, August 20, 2010

World's Biggest




Micro Machines




Terrell Owens

Minnie Mouse


Winnie Cooper


Le Big Mac



The Big Bang Theory (new night and time)

The Big Show

The Really Big Show


Blue Whale





As the mini-craze continues for my collection, I stumbled upon a lot of five "World's Biggest" minis that I could not pass up. Of the secret sets, this one is pretty impressive and seems to be mostly obtainable in retail and blaster packs.
SIDE NOTE: I have purchased two blasters of Ginter and HAVE pulled a couple hard to find minis, but not World's Biggest. That's a later post though.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Tribute Pack(s) Summary

High-end stuff is my weakness.

Ever since SP Legendary cuts, which is not TRULY high end, but pretty spendy for 12 packs of cards, I have had a taste for the upper-tier sets that come out each year.

I started out with Sweet Spot 2008, which I assumed was the MOST that I would ever spend for one pack. I was thrilled to pull a Sweet Spot auto of Hideki Kuroda out of my very first pack, and loved it. Never mind that I totally defied the 1:6 odds of hitting it...which ultimate resulted in me buying more and more Sweet Spot packs and being utterly perplexed that I could not repeat the feat.

Alas, there were more expensive packs to be had.

Ballpark. Okay, this stuff was just ridiculous. I am proud to say that I bought one and only one pack of 2009 Ballpark. Multi-swatches just were not enough of a payoff for my pretty penny. Some people really love swatches that have front and back subjects. I am mostly just annoyed by it, especially with the extra card that comes with it that implores you to keep it with the card as proof of authenticity. I threw it away. Rouge swatch.

Sweet Spot 2009 came out, and my luck was absolutely terrible, as I pulled nothing but bland and uninspired swatches pack after pack. Plus the prices of 2009 skyrocked so quickly that it was not even worth my money. Pretty sweet looking base cards with the baseball stitch-raised design, but base cards are pretty pointless in this box anyways.

Onward I went to 2010 Topps Finest (or is it 2009??) Anyways, LOVE these cards. I bought the dual-box, so it guaranteed some nice refractor cards and two Rookie Letter Patch auto refractors that are fantastic looking. I had two problems with this set, in that glossy, shiny cards are impossible to keep clean of fingerprints and are often suffering the wears of the manufacturing process, with scratches and dents etc. Plus you get a bit worn on serial numbered parallels. But since I was only getting the two boxes, I was pretty happy with what I got, put my nine favorite in a binder and called it good.

NOW Topps Tribute comes along, and while I have had plenty of fun sniping some great auto-relics off of eBay, I think there is just a part of me that needs the thrill of the unknown. Yeah I know that whatever I pull will most likely only net me 1/2 to 2/3's what I paid for it at the the shop, but again, since I am only looking to complete a hybrid page of autos and relics, I don't really care what I pull because I plan on keeping it.

So I must confess that I started with two packs....that then became four packs. I could not help myself. The cards are really beautiful, even if they do attract fingerprints and there are definitely some factory flaws as well.

Here, then, are the highlights of a couple of the packs. While the relics and autos are off the market (unless you REALLY can convince me) I am not particularly attached to the base, and some are quite nice. So make yer offers!

Here are some shiny old-timers.

Stargell, McCovey and what I guess is Tributes answer to the obscure subset..Rivalries or something like that.

Here is a smattering of current talent as well as my "always pull this guy" old timer Dizzy Dean. He is my Shin-Shoo-Choo, and my Aramis Ramirez (whom by the way I pulled ANOTHER relic of last night) of the HOF group.
Typically I don't get too fired up about relics, but being a fan of the "Flying Dutchman", if this truly is part of a Honus Wagner game-used jersey, then I am thrilled to have it. Eddie Matthews Jersey just looks and feels old, plus the color-scheme is really nice on this card.
Pack 3 had a nice Kung Fu Panda Auto Relic that is suspiciously missing here.
Pack 4? Well, let's just say that it was a sign that I am to call it quits on Tribute for the year. You play with matches, you get burned!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

It's here!

...The mini of all minis has arrived safely at JD's house. I proudly give you.....Easter Bunny.

Hopping merrily along, from apparently New Jersey, the Easter hopped his was out West, depositing Easter eggs to all the good little children of the World and spreading joy while shunning the "creature" moniker that has been unfairly bestowed upon him at the Topps compound.

The Easter Bunny is probably my MOST sought after mini from this year's Ginter set. I have not even sniffed a creature card this year (last year I pulled Dragon), and have tried several boxes and a blaster in an attempt to pull one of this subset.

Alas is was not to be so I went to the good ol' eBay backup and the previous owner sent the bunny merrily on his way. Of course with my new found love of minis, Mr. Rabbit will end up random sleeve and will quickly be "out of sight, out of mind", but for the moment this is BIG news (a hint for what else is on the way).

Here is a little of Charles Schulz' Easter Beagle and some dancing bunnies to get your day going.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Monday, August 16, 2010

While you were out...

Last week, it would appear that a great number of collectors migrated least East of Oregon, and attended the great Mecca that was the National. I have to admit that I was initially jealous of such a fantastic show. I don't think we have anything anywhere near that caliber out here in the Northwest.

But as the blog reports and reviews came in, I felt a lot better, as most people seemed to report that most products were vintage and slightly high-priced. I am a newer collector who is focused on newer products and would be looking for killer deals to be had, so while the spectacle and the sheer entertainment value may have been there, the bargains probably would not have been worth my time.

HOWEVER, I did take advantage of the general collecting populous being away from their computers to jump onto eBay and find some outrageous deals on Topps Tribute that would have easily been double the price that they were going for on eBay that week. Here are a few of my lucky snags...

Carlos Pena Auto-Relic 23/99. My goal is to fill up a sheet of Tribute...five autos and four relics. There is nothing overly outstanding about this particular card, but I have always like Pena, and wish Boston would have kept him around. I also like these single-relics because the display both a team logo and a player number. The double relics have just the logo, and the triple relics...well, you better know your players. Of course, this is Tribute and not Obak, so player recognize SHOULD not be an issue.

Anyways, the fun of this find was that I discovered it with a mere 13 seconds left and somehow found a way to get in an absurdly low top-bid and Carlos made his way to Oregon.

From here things got a lot shinier!

Ah, Big Papi! Gold #5/25 double-relic auto. No scanner does justice to any of these cards, but the gold cards especially. If you thought that Pena's auto was perplexing, check out Papi's.

And if you though Papi's auto was perplexing, Check out Fielder! #4/25. I Like GOOOOOLLD! This is my first Fielder autograph and definitely a quality snag.
I also threw down for a couple packs. Not the most economically sound decision, but you gotta have that thrill factor from time to time, right? Results were not all that shabby. I will post those soon!