Friday, November 20, 2009

Two Funny Feelings

I was tooling around ESPN during lunch today, and I have stumbled upon a couple of stories that make me go "hmm", and "uh-oh".

(FYI on card...why in the heck in Bay wearing Pirate gear in a 2009 Sweet Spot product? That is just plain lazy).

Firstly, it has been reported that Red Sox LF Jason Bay has turned down the Red Sox first offer on a new contract. Theo Epstein downplays it that that anybody who has gotten to that point would do the same and see what the market has to offer.

The "uh-oh" feeling comes with the memory of another player that did exactly the same thing...Johnny Damon. It was almost a foregone conclusion that Mr. Damon was going to sign a long-term contract with the Red Sox because he LOVED Boston, and Boston loved him, and his caveman appearance and his remarkable hitting and speed. Everybody knows what happened next. Of course without Damon leaving Boston would probably not have developed local hero and baby boy JD namesake Jacoby Ellsbury. Funny how things work out.

Bay has been reported as saying that he has "loved his experience in Boston".

I am just sayin' Theo I trust, but lets face it, he has taken a bit of a beating over the last couple years over lost opportunities. Who knows, maybe there is another LF that would be a good fit, but I swear, I dread opening up the newspaper and seeing a headline about Bay "surprisingly" signing with another club. Same thing happened last year when it was all but certain that "Teix" was coming to Boston. Its just a feeling.

I also read about Stephen Stratsburg being scratched from a fall league championship game due to a tweaked knee. Uh-oh. Of course the Nats downplay it as "not a serious injury" but I am just sayin', knees are just as important to pitchers as arms, and especially after all the ballyhooed (SP?) negotiations and autograph scrambles over the summer, you just gotta wonder whether the Nats might be cursed.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Hurray for Timmy, Boo for Me!

Congratulations to Tim "Garcia" Lincecum for winning back-to-back Cy-Young awards! No, I dont own this card, in fact I don't even have a single swooping "TL" signature in my collection. It has been my bain, my most hunted, sought after treasure. I have opened box after box of Sweet Spots (turns out I was opening the wrong year!), I have scoured ebay and made generous offers, and came within 2 seconds before ebay kindly informed me that I got outbid. Scavengers!

So alas, I continue to wait and hope that someday fate will place a Tim Lincecum auto in my hands. Until that day I think that the closest I will get is to play MLB 2009 and actually BE Tim Lincecum and mow down the batters with my ridiculous, cartoonish pitching motion.

I any of you spot a Lincecum for a reasonable price, or have one they would like to trade, please let me know and I will try my best to conjure up something worthy in return!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Today's Mysteries Need Solving...

1) I received a mystery package from IL with some ticket to stardom, some prospects, and some phenoms. I am horrible with keeping a spreadsheet of names. Please reveal yourself!

2). Has Topps High Numbers set come out yet? How are they, and are they worth collecting? I still say I have the full release set but MIGHT catch a wild hair to go after these if there are enough of you out there to trade with.


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Ebay Treasures

A quick post-post Google recommendations and before bed (make any sense?)

Anyways, I got a couple envelopes in the mail, including a surprise package containing my first official 1/1 card...but that is another story for another day.

Tonight I received a couple of eBay treasures that I thought I would share with you. While it is certainly more fun to pull a dual-auto out of a random pack of cards like, sometimes I like to create my own luck. Plus when I am busy typing out a report, it is about the only card shopping I can do. I am very proud to add both of these to Jacoby's treasure box.

YO! I was pretty mad at myself for forgetting to check in on a Topps Career Best card of Yovani that I could have had for less than 5 bucks, so after several days of searching I land on an exquisite /#20 First Signs of Mr Gallardo. This is my first official Gallardo auto, and also my first exquisite auto. It is on that nice thick sweet spot-like card stock and it pretty swanky lookin. Apparently the card is also sponsored by Nike.
Doin a little prospecting here! I decided to jump on a /#10 Dexter Fowler SP Authentic Gold card. This one went by fairly unnoticed and I got a killer deal on it, so either it was off the radar, or Dexter has already been booted back to AA ball. I am willing to take that chance though and best that Dex hits some moon balls out of that trampoline of a stadium known as Yankee...I mean Coors Field. This card has a beautiful front and back design and a bit of refractor in the lettering and numbering of the card.
Well off to sleep, G'nite!

Monday, November 16, 2009

My First Cut Auto(s)?

Hi everybody, sorry it has been so long since my last post, but I am entering the homestretch of my project (about 75 pages in) and will be presenting in front of the faculty on December 7th, so yes! there is finally a light at the end of the tunnel!

BUT, I need to keep posting, I have had a bit of luck lately with products not named Sweet Spot (I will get those relics posted soon, I think), but I did happen to snag one measly pack of 2007 Topps Co-signers to go with the four really measly packs of sweet spot. Well, I have to say, I am glad that I opened this one up last because inside...

WOW! This is officially my first dual-auto. I am still holding out for the dual-auto relic that I have heard so much about but never seen one (not on eBay anyways). So here is an excellent little number for Jacoby's treasure box. One cool feature about this card is that the sticker autos are actually cut into the card with a plastic seal over the top, so in a way I guess it is a cut autograph card. I like both Roberts and Markakis, and getting them on one card was extremely lucky and made up for the horrible luck on Sweet Spot.

More posts to come as time allows.

Your Google fact of the...(good lord, HOW long has it been since I last posted??)...anyways...I am thrilled that Google is pairing up with Verizon with a product called Droid, you have probably seen the ads during football. The great thing about this pairing is that 1) it gives competition to Iphone, which means lower prices to you AT&T fans, and lower prices to Verizon fans looking for a cool phone with cool apps. Google plans on creating DOUBLE the iPhone apps, which is already a ridiculously absurd ammt. Also, Google releases most of its products for cheap or free because of all the advertising revenue they gain from their search engine....meaning that the Droid is going to be dank.