Friday, October 1, 2010

2009 Mystery Cut Pending?

Gather 'round children and let me tell you a tale that started a looooooong time ago, like all the way back in March, at least that's where my tail begins. Many others have waited a might longer than I.

Back in March, when I began my "nine-spot" project, I was enjoying filling up binder pages full of 2009 SP Legendary Cuts inserts. To this day this remains my favorite product of my short 1.5 years of collecting. I love the auto's, I love the relics (say...whaaaaaaat?) and I even love the base, which often-times these days end up as an afterthought and bird cage line. Hell, at one point I even had 2/3 of the shortprints and foolishly sold them away to finance finishing up 2009 Topps Heritage...only to have them release a high-numbers set a few months later....grrrrrrrr. day I was wandering through my hobby shop and decided to purchase the sole SP Legendary Cuts box on the shelf, it had been collecting dust and I knew I could knock 20 bucks off the price so I snagged it.

The last pack shook out this baby...

Debate ensued. Keep or sell, sell or keep?

It became readily apparent to me that opportunities like this don't come around often, so I kept it, scratched it, and redeemed it....right before Upper Deck virtually went belly up.

So then the questions began...would I ever see this card, or is it going to get swallowed up like it never happened.

I called once, on a sick day and eventually got a rep that told me they were about a month out...this was last April. I wrote once from the trouble ticket address. Got an auto response that they were still another month out and that we would receive some free product for out troubles. I got two free autos from UD. Let me tell you, they was FAAAAAANCY! If you knew who the hell these players were I mean.

So I pretty much put it out of my mind, figured it was not meant to be, when suddenly this week I get this email...

Dear Valued Customer, (moi)

The Mystery Cuts are currently in house and are being hand numbered now. They should be ready to ship by the end of the week. Please expect to receive the Mystery Cut by mid October. If you have any further questions please feel free to reply to this email; I hope you have a great day!

Sincerely, Upper Deck Customer Service

YES! An awesome development. I keep thinking of all the time and effort that UD put into the bug cards, and am hoping that the cuts have the same quality. Hand-numbering is a good sign, could be a 1/1, or could be a 1/1000. could be a Ty Cobb, or could be a Ty Law. A Judge Judy, or a Judge Reinhold (god I hope not).

Either way, when I know you will know, so keep your fingers-crossed (if you support me, or want me to get hosed, either way just keep em crossed!)

UPDATE: looks like UD posted a video of potential hits going in the mail. Don't know exactly how many of these cuts redemptions there are, but I am stoked at the possibilities of a Thomas Edison in the mail...

Speaking of Dancing....

For your Friday grind, I submit to you nearly six minutes of entertainment by this guy...

I know, I know. The battle of the bad shirts continues. Where do these shirts come from? My suspicion is that Judson showed up in his Orange Crush shirt, and due to copyrights, he had to settle for something in the Topps wardrobe closet. And those guys at Topps, they likes to boogie!

See example B...
Topps even matched up ol' Cap'n Sig with some pink vapor. Poor Fella. But we are talking about Judson!

This last week a few mini cards came floating my way from Staton Island and our friend SpastikMoose. Anomalous cards are always welcome into the vortex and this one certainly qualifies.
So who is Judson Laipply. Well he is an Internet sensation, that's who! Judson received a 2010 Topps Allen and Ginter card for having the number one viral youtube video ever, called The Evolution of Dance. He has since released sequels to his popular video. This morning I decided to check it out and also include it here for you to burn some time on a Friday. While skeptical at first, he had me at the Brady Bunch. Enjoy!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Dance, Dance!

Tuesday night welcomed in three more clubs into the post-season fun. Two of them are from the *yawn* AL East, so congrats to them I guess, but no card lovin's today for ya.

Let's go back to Sunday's clincher though. YOUR Philadelphia Phillies!
Howard and the boys are quickly becoming a perennial post-season participant (or a PPSP). While it looked like they were in a world of hurt in late July, they slammed the pedal to the medal and ran away with the NL East. They consistently are winning because they are aggressive in trades and get who they want, when they want them....

Which makes this next team a lot more fun to root for, YOUR Cincinnati Reds!

This team is a blast. They are even my MLB the Show team. The best thing about this bunch is that they are young, talented, and have just the right sprinkle of veteran leadership mixed in. The Reds are playing with massive confidence right now and have plenty of arms and pop at the plate to make some post-season noise, but will lack of experience hold them back?

In so far: Philadelphia, Cincinnati, Texas, Minnesota, some AL East teams.
On the bubble: San Diego, San Francisco, Atlanta,

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Bigfoot Spotted in Oregon!

Creature of Legend, Myth and Terror, Bigfoot himself was recently spotted kicking it with a Pina Colada, sunhat (or umbrella, depending on the moment) and a sweet pair of shades in the warm climate of Tampa, Florida or somewhere round them parts.

He was being housed by a fella who called himself Troll, a particularly troublesome young man with a borderline infatuation with deadly sea creatures, Rays they call them.

Anyways, Troll and I, we got to talking about this and that, and he brought up that he was currently housing Bigfoot himself..

"Bigfoot belongs in the Pacific Northwest" said I.

"He retired out here in Florida" said Troll.

A long, tedious summit occurred lasting at least two emails, and eventually we had worked a deal where I would trade him some deadly Rays for the elusive Bigfoot himself (along with quite the entourage that came across the country with him...Bigfoot travels well).

Anyways, along the way, several spotting's occurred as Bigfoot left his mark.

And last Saturday, after a week of bigfooting it across the country, Bigfoot arrived in Oregon.

I love this subset and am slowly starting to piece one really really slowly...I think he and unicorn are the only ones so far! Thanks again to Troll for adding to the Mini Card Vortex, Bigfoot will be quite happy next to Tiger Shark, the Peruvian flag, The Revolving Door, and Julio Lugo!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

You Shall Not Pass!

Stick it, Yankees and Rays. While I concede that one of you's buggers is gunna win the division and the other of you's is going to be the wild card, you are going to have to do it on somebody else's dime, cuz we ain't rollin over and losing to help you out. You want the prize? You are going to have to win!
BTW, Evan Longoria hit the nail on the head with Tampa attendance, and is calling out fans to show up to the games. Now I will say that I like the Rays as a team, they have some great talent and seem to be a generally likable bunch of guys, but my lasting impression is the ALCS two years ago when out of nowhere, suddenly the whole city showed up with cowbells. Many looked confused as to how and when to cheer for the sport of baseball, but looked like they were having a grand ol time....until one game went into extra innings....and a good majority of them left the ballpark! In the playoffs! in the ALCS! In extra innings! On national television!
Seriously, Tampa, shape up. Go see the Troll on how to be a good fan. Better do it quickly though, as payroll cuts are looming for your team, and it will never look the same again.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Post-Season Heroes!

EDITORS NOTE: This posting was created yesterday morning, so Phillies love is still pending.

Congratulations go out to the first official participants in the 2010 MLB Postseason!

First off, we have the welcome addition of the Texas Rangers to the big dance. after a preseason with stories about Ron Washington and Josh Hamilton, and the addition of the aging bat of Vlad the Impaler, it seemed almost a forgone conclusion that that AL West was going to once again go to the Rally Monkeys of Anaheim. Here are a few images pulled from the vortex...the Kinsler is a numbered cycle that is still looking for a cycle for cycle exchange.

And then the AL Central. YOUR Minnesota Twins! I have always said how Minnesota magically seems to fall off my radar like most teams "in the middle" but I have to tell you, the crazy antics of Jim Thome make this one special team and its hard not to cheer for them, especially when they are put into the role of Yankee/Rays killers. I am definitely looking forward to some deep fall baseball in the new outdoor stadium, it should make for some great television.

Torii Hunter?? Okay, so he is not really a Twin, but I gotta find ways to throw in the card whenever I can :)
Phillies love tomorrow, and perhaps Cincy love as well????