Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Jacoby variation only Eisner could love

Ginter 2010 is filled to the brim with Nick Jacoby variations as yet another has crossed my radar.

Those of you who have visited the Magic Kingdom no doubt are aware of the "Hidden Mickey's" that are scattered throughout the theme park and it's rides. Since Michael Eisner has sworn to bring the hobby back to the kids, no doubt by including Stasburg autographs in all remaining Topps products, thus inflating the cost of ANY hobby box to well over 100 bills, I am not surprised that Topps decided to include a "Hidden Mickey" variation in Ginter this year...

Can you see the Mickey?

Monday, June 28, 2010

Where will the Jacoby variations end?

We all know that Barack Obama is a big sports nut somehow finds his way into baseball sets. Hey, I love me an Obama card as much as the next guy, but I think Topps is reaching a bit on this one....Bizzaro.

Holy smokes! A Jacoby hot box!

Thanks to the get network of Jacoby Ginter searchers, The two fabulous additions have already surfaced and found their way to lil Jacoby's collection...

Wow! A Jacoby #/50 framed silk variation! It is hard enough to pull a regular silk, but the fact that It was a Jacoby is even sweeter!

What is better than a #/50? how about a 1/1.....BOOOOOOOM!

Yes! a 1/1 Jacoby wood variation! This sucker is MINT!

A reader also sent me an email pointing me to a couple of those Nick SP variations that are making the rounds. Gotta hand it to Topps for going off-the-cuff with some of these....perhaps they are clues to the code this year?

Old Planter Pipe variation! What better way to get into the spirit than the Planter himself. Very coy indeed!

Where will the variations end?

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Jacoby SP variations continue to surface!

I wrote earlier about not yet having seen the regular base version of Ginter Champion Nick Jacoby's card. Reports had started to surface that indeed the base card has been pulled by a case buster, and I really was excited to share it with you so I went and ripped the image for your viewing please. Ladies and gentlemen, I raise the curtain on YOUR 2010 Ginter Champ, Nick Jacoby! Stunning! Can't wait to pull one!

But it looks like Topps is up to secret variation shenanigans a-la "hidden Lincoln" cards. Once again Topps raises the bar and so far SEVERAL variations of Nick's card have surfaced and have been sent to me. I am extremely happy to share each of these with you...

WOW! A pie-in-the-face SP of Nick Jacoby. Black-bordered to boot! I am currently negotiating with the vendor as this is a must-have.
Later this afternoon, somebody wrote me about this one...

The Steve Martin SP short-print?? Unreal! I am starting to wonder if this is the secret sub-set this year.
But wait, there is YET ANOTHER that found it's way into the set....

ARG! A pirate variation! I have my eye on this one, as I really feel it is a good lead for the code this year.
WOW! I am amazed by the the incredible hidden variations that Topps has bestowed on Nick this year.
How many variations are there? Perhaps hundreds? Have YOU seen any hidden Jacoby variations? Be sure to email them to me and I will be happy to display them all!

The first Ginter Jacoby's have surfaced!

The other day Beckett busted their first boxes for review and much to my joy the first Ginter champion card has been pulled...

Awesome! #165 in the set! Little JD realized his one and-a-half year dream of making it into the 2010 Allen and Ginter set. It will make a wonderful keepsake for him.

BTW, the first mini-variety was pulled. Just a regular back as well, but here is the back of the card...

Oh yeah, the back of the card also mentions that guy Nick Jacoby that helped on the code. Rumor has it that there is a regular base card variety of him included somewhere in the set, but I have yet to see it.