Sunday, June 27, 2010

The first Ginter Jacoby's have surfaced!

The other day Beckett busted their first boxes for review and much to my joy the first Ginter champion card has been pulled...

Awesome! #165 in the set! Little JD realized his one and-a-half year dream of making it into the 2010 Allen and Ginter set. It will make a wonderful keepsake for him.

BTW, the first mini-variety was pulled. Just a regular back as well, but here is the back of the card...

Oh yeah, the back of the card also mentions that guy Nick Jacoby that helped on the code. Rumor has it that there is a regular base card variety of him included somewhere in the set, but I have yet to see it.


  1. Awesome!!

    Simply plain-freaking-awesome!!!

    Strasburg??....pshhh...I want me my Jacoby!!

  2. Yeah, that looks verrrrrry suspicious there

  3. That's pretty cool of Topps to do. I won't buy a ton of this stuff, I've never been a HUGE fan of Ginter, but if I pull any JD cards I'll be sure to pass them your way!