Sunday, June 27, 2010

Jacoby SP variations continue to surface!

I wrote earlier about not yet having seen the regular base version of Ginter Champion Nick Jacoby's card. Reports had started to surface that indeed the base card has been pulled by a case buster, and I really was excited to share it with you so I went and ripped the image for your viewing please. Ladies and gentlemen, I raise the curtain on YOUR 2010 Ginter Champ, Nick Jacoby! Stunning! Can't wait to pull one!

But it looks like Topps is up to secret variation shenanigans a-la "hidden Lincoln" cards. Once again Topps raises the bar and so far SEVERAL variations of Nick's card have surfaced and have been sent to me. I am extremely happy to share each of these with you...

WOW! A pie-in-the-face SP of Nick Jacoby. Black-bordered to boot! I am currently negotiating with the vendor as this is a must-have.
Later this afternoon, somebody wrote me about this one...

The Steve Martin SP short-print?? Unreal! I am starting to wonder if this is the secret sub-set this year.
But wait, there is YET ANOTHER that found it's way into the set....

ARG! A pirate variation! I have my eye on this one, as I really feel it is a good lead for the code this year.
WOW! I am amazed by the the incredible hidden variations that Topps has bestowed on Nick this year.
How many variations are there? Perhaps hundreds? Have YOU seen any hidden Jacoby variations? Be sure to email them to me and I will be happy to display them all!

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