Thursday, November 18, 2010

How the Wild Code was broken...

As a mentioned yesterday, the 2010 JD's Wildcode has finally been broken!

Samuel, of "The Daily Dimwit" sent me the image of Leonardo de Vinci, the answer to the final clue, yesterday afternoon. After the bells and whistles stopped sounding, and the confetti was finished falling from the sky, I informed Sam that he had won the entire contents of my 2010 Topps Chrome box, plus he has chosen the Alex Rodriguez Dave Hobrecht personally signed Chicle card, plus I am going to do some searching for something special in the card pile.

I asked Sam to write an explanation of how he solved the code. Reviewing his work, it is apparent that he utilized technology to get the job done. Though the code is certainly solvable without heavy computer work (though very useful for the trivia section), there is definitely no reason not to use any resource you can!

I want to clarify one section of the puzzle, as Sam was able to interpret the PDF section of the puzzle, thus skipping the step before it! The email with the PDF included a code that explained what to do with the PDF. In order to solve that code, you needed to have each card from the trivia questions. There was no need to reorder them in any way, but to simply line them up, and using the names, start counting letters. Once you decipher them correctly you will read


Thus you pull up the PDF, start at "the sneer" which is the 2nd to last stanza, and cross out every word up to the end of the poem!

ANYWAYS, congratulation to Sam! If you have any questions about the code, feel free to leave a comment and I will answer all!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Friday, November 12, 2010

Status of the Wild Code

Unsolved! Call Robert Stack.

Seriously though, it's time to get this pony moving right along and solve this code! Now I can tell you that there are THREE of you that have reached the second to last step in the process. It took some doing, but if you look back to how you got there, it should have been pretty straight forward.

The area that you are stuck is also straight forward. I by no means created advanced algebraic algorhythms to trip you up. If you look at what is presented to you, there is only so much data you can pull from it. Think about what you see...or read. These connect somehow, and when you see it, it will be incredibly obvious.

I am open to questions below.

Keep pluggin!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

We interrupt this program...

This blog is currently experiencing video game interference. Please check back soon for our regularly scheduled broadcast.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Something to be excited about!

I am definitely not above doing a free plug for TBS and Conan O'Brien! After a ridiculous ordeal with the goons at the Tonight Show, Conan has been cleared for launch on his new network. It's going to be great to see him on the air again.

What else am I excited about? You'll see tomorrow!

A set that continues to impress

Way back when, I opened up a single box of 2008 Allen and Ginter. This box was opened after I had already experienced the 2007 and 2009 sets, and after seeing the cards in the box and the wide variety of subjects and spot-on artwork, I really felt that the 2008 set was the heyday for Allen and Ginter.

Nowadays I am focusing on collecting a massive vortex binder of minis, and through occasional trades I continue to stumble upon subsets from the 2008 Allen and Ginter set. These are like little windows that continue to open on yet more cards to pursue.

Here are a couple new subsets that I knew nothing about...

2008 Allen and Ginter King itself a pretty raging card, though I had no idea that it was not a base mini...

Nice! The Worlds Icons! Check out this list of cards in the set. Confucius, The Sphinx, Quetzalcoatl....HERCULES?!?! NICE. This is definitely a set worth pursuing.

Here is another card sent to me in trade earlier this month (or last?)...the Aerodrome.

This card belongs to the Pioneers of Aviation, which I believe is a secret subset, along with the shark set. I have never even seen any of these other cards, but I imagine that they look pretty fantastic.
I am putting the call out there. If any of you might happen to have any of these subsets, or any other random minis that you have no idea what to do with, shoot me a comment or note and we'll see if we can strike up a brown envelope exchange!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Choose your own adventure Friday!

By the hair on my chinny-chin-chin, you have selected JD to go to Target with me to pick out a random pack for review. This can go several ways, as JD is pretty familiar with the looks of the packets that I typically open, at which point you would be subjected to yet another ginter pack bust...OR perhaps some colorful Pokemon cards this time? Jacoby is also pretty into " 'ockey" as this is always the first word out of his mouth when I flip on the tv after work for some sporting event to watch.

But no. I completely forgot about Jacoby's other favorite past time over his 23 month career, and that is CARS! Loves em. And seeing a bright yellow Dale Sr. #3 made him make an instant grab for this...

NASCAR trading cards! I believe this is by a company called Press Pass Inc, and this product is called Stealth...but it is all rather unclear. Don't expect a lot of excellent NASCAR tidbits here, I don't really follow the sport, though I am not too incredibly ignorant about it either. Kind of in the middle, in a hazy, uncaring state is the best way to describe.

My first thoughts is that Dale does not look good here. I don't want to go the undead Dale route, but have you ever seen the scene in Blues Brothers where the Blues brother cop car throws a rod during a chase scene and they all end up covered in oil. That's what this reminds me off. Make it a cover shot I guess......Maybe I SHOULD just go with undead Dale.

Card #1 - Kyle Busch. Kyle is propped up for winning the Ray Asbestos Rookie of the Year honors in both circuits. He is credited with "throwing down the hammer" all season. Git er done Thor.

Card #2 - Kasey Kahne. Mach 10. HOLY SH&*!!!!! That's fast! Much respect.

Card #3. Lap Leaders Laps! FIVE LAPS! Woo-hoo! Excuse me while I go redeem some cool cards!

Card #4 Juan Pablo Montoya. Great great great grandson to Inigo Montoya. Has won races in NASCAR, Formula One, Indy Car, and Wally's Family Fun Center go-cart league. Proudly sponsored by Max Headroom sunglasses.

Card #5 - Brian Vickers - Fueled by Red Bull, Vickers won the most poles in 2009 (six), proving that when you don't have 42 other cars to deal with, you can achieve anything! On a serious note, Vickers is receiving treatment for blood clots, which is no laughing matter. I had the same thing happen to me and am on blood thinners for the rest of my life, so I wish him well with his issue and hope doctors can find a solution.

#6, Kurt Busch - Throwing down the hammer! Maximum Velocity! Mach 10! These cards sound a little too dangerous for me to collect. I tend to be a little more conservative....though I did drive today while eating an egg mcmuffin.
So not hits (you get sheet metal relics in NASCAR cards!) no auto of Danica, just five cards and a few laps. i will say that the quality here is pretty good. Each of these is a refractor, each looks smooth and shiny, and each has some quality tidbit on the back. Certainly a niche product, but a lot of effort has been put into these.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Your Daily Horoscope

This came courtesy of another rack pack of Ginter. I have had remarkable luck with uncommon cards out of retail and blasters, and the luck continues. Your horoscope for Pisces:

You will spend ridiculous amounts of money purchasing hobby boxes and ebay auctions, trying to obtain the entire set of celestial stars "case hits" because it is widely believed (wrongly, of course) that these cards hold the secret to the Ginter Code.

Ah, alas it was all just blather, as the code had nothing to do with anything card-related at all. Regardless, these are really sweet cards and that brings my grand total up to two so far, with feelers out on a third. If you have a celestial mini that you would like to trade for something more your speed, give a shout and lets see if we can work a trade!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Random post World-Series Musings...

Congrats to San Francisco. You won. woooooooooo-woooooooooooooooooo! .....on enemy turf. Bummer. I have always been a huge antagonist about the 2-3-2 final series in both basketball and baseball. At least in my recent memory, it seems that the away team often cliches, and a somewhat subdued celebration takes place. Kind of a bummer because you wait all season for a big finale, and it is suddenly over, and you are left with a bunch of old owners in funny suits standing around awkwardly accepting a trophy on national television. Of course, you certainly cannot guarantee with a regular 2-2-2-1 or 2-2-1-1-1 that it will increase the chances of a home team celebration, but it just feels like too many of these puppies happen on the road.

Of course, something that Fox apparently decided to do was to wait to interview the players until after they have celebrated inside the locker room, and come out half-lit onto the field. Timmy had a classic moment.
Announcer "What do you think is going on in San Francisco right now"
Tim Lincecum" Well, I hope that the beer is flowing free and there is smoke in the air!"
I am sure that he meant fireworks.

Holy crap! Is that the old woman from Titanic? What is she doing here. Actually without actually footage to grab for this post, I remember the scene in some square in San Francisco where the fans were "celebrating" after the final out. Actually they were looking around awkwardly until they knew the camera's were on them, and THEN they celebrated.
But mixed within the crowd was an extremely short, elderly woman, fully decked out in a fuzzy orange hat and orange coat. And she was dancing, and just having a blast. I started thinking about that old lady, imagining just exactly how long she has supported this team...maybe back to the days in NY? Maybe she goes to every home game and could tell some amazing stories.. She was a true fan amongst confused people and I bet that this World Series means so much more to her than anybody else. Keep rocking.

And my final thoughts. My Cliff Lee. Conspiracy time....WHY did he shave his beard prior to the game? Superstition? Itchy? My guess (which is lore) is that he was already taking his media photos wearing his Yankee pinstripes. Gotta be clean-shaven, right? Betcha he threw on the pinstripes, even had a few baseball card photos taken for Topps 2011.
It's all over!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Shameless self promotion...a mini collector's dream

Just recently, across the continental divide of this mine continent, a misguided Yankees fan by the name of Drew had a rather remarkable box break of T206. Out of his box he not only pulled an auto redemption for some dude named Strasburg (sell high), but he also pulled his second hit, as well as a couple snazzy minis that I had no idea even existed.

Shhh! Secret sets ahead!

When I first saw this image, I thought it was the most ridiculous thing that I had ever seen...and it was a must have for the mini vortex binder. Topps T206 brand manager Chris Holmes. It has a nice little bio of yadda yadda yadda on the back and is serial-numbered to 206. I love these self promotion cards. I have heard of, but have never seen the Ginter autos of the Ginter staff that seem to be all the rage...this is another example of that type of shameless self promotion. But unique it is, and traded for it, I did.

Yet ANOTHER unknown mini hit out of the magic box was this Willie Keeler gold-bordered /#50. Scanner is a little dusty, but this has a nice shine to it. As I was reading up on Keeler to toss you some sweet historical facts and look super-smart (Baltimore Chop), I did notice a bit of an oddity here that I thought you historian buffs might be able to make some sense of...

This is the original Keeler from 1910. NOTE: the league is different on each of these cards. The reprint says NY Natl, and the original says NY Amer...hmmm, Now the originally might indicate Keelers time with the New York Highlanders, OR perhaps Mr. SP T206 Brand Manager might want to explain what happened here...hmmmm.

Friday, October 29, 2010

New feature...coming next week

what? You actually thought that I had the capacity to bust out a new feature today? Whoa now folks, I am recovering from a debilitating viral infection here...any creativity in my brain is currently covered in mood slime.

Actually though, I do have a bunch of scanning to do over the weekend and I will get some new stuff up right quick.

In the meantime, I did come up with an idea that I will give a trial run to see if it sticks or if it sucks.

Choose-your-own-adventure Friday.

I clearly have trouble sticking to just baseball cards in my postings, so I figured maybe I could let JD's followers help chart the course for my Friday efforts.

On Monday (or maybe Sunday...depends on how poorly my NFL picks are doing) I will post a survey at the top of the screen. I have to decide if it will choose specific topics or just subjects that you would like to see a blog about. Vote for your favorite and Oila! See the results on Friday.

Of course you could not vote at all and break my wee little heart. You control my fate!

But I don't want to cop out completely today. I did notice something of interest watching the World Series. I think that being in the big show allows for crazy new sets of cameras to broadcast angles and viewpoints that you would not normally see on a 162-game regular broadcast. One of the most stunning revelations I have seen is this... This is the view from WAY up in a plane or something of AT&T Park. I have always know that this stadium is just magnificent, BUT if you watched during the game between innings they would have some low, sweeping camera from just outside right field on the bay side and it is just jaw-dropping. Looking in from the Bay at the multi-tiered decks is quite the view. One of the questions that I had when I saw that was "Is that field below sea-level". How do they keep the water out?

Either way, I now have a much greater appreciation for all those boaters that choose to hang out there each night. New perspectives.

Alright. Have a weekend!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Trivia questions revealed!

Dyno Data
Q - Where have the oldest dinosaur remains been found?
A - The oldest dinosaur fossils have been found in South America--in Argentina and Brazil.
The more you know!
What's that?
You thought this was answers to the 2010 JD's Wildcode?
Okay, so I am just messing with you a little bit. I want to use today to open it up for more of your questions. I want to say that I am pretty impressed with the number of you that have muddled your way through the gauntlet. Several are getting really close to pay dirt.
So feel free to shoot me your questions. Note, if you are further along in the code, you might want to phrase you questions carefully so not to tip off your competitors!
For those not partaking in the code, feel free to fire any general questions my way as well. Lets have some fun!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

And your Texas Rangers!

Back in the trenches for day 3 of the viral infection from hell (yes, it has been categorized that by my doctor...omitting the "hell" part of it". I woke up feeling like crap so I decided it would be nice to head out of the house for a few hours to diagnose my condition and get a Whopper meal. So today is chest pain (from coughing so much) and the more recent "stab-me-with-an-ice-pick headache. Although I must say that a 32 ounce Sprite seems to be working quite favorably on that. After this I am off to play some Call of Duty. Lets give them a headache of bullets.

I have been meaning to introduce the Rangers through cards though before tonight's big matchup. I am pretty excited about this series, I like the idea of a nice, close, strategic series. I challenge anybody who makes the ridiculous statements that the best teams are not in the World Series. Both of these teams won their divisions, both took down last year's beasts to get here. They deserve their moment.

Had to dig deep for some Rangers cards today...up here in the NW we don't speak Texas, ya'll.

2007 Strokes of Genius Cliff Lee

2007 Strokes of Genius Ian Kinsler (love this auto).

2009 T206 Michael Young. Tried to find his wacky O-Pee-Chee card to no avail. You know the one.

2009 T206 Josh Hamilton (Old Mill). he eats pieces of lumber for breakfast.

Elvis Andrus

Ron Washington
Enjoy game one!

Monday, October 25, 2010

The rotted gut award goes to...

It's no coincidence that the theme of this post is inspired by my current stomach virus malcontent. Nothing worse than an upset stomach and general all-around ick when I say to myself "but I got the flu shot!", like it is some magical shield from all illness. Viruses don't play that.

Anyways, I am getting geared up for the World Series, which in of itself is pretty remarkable considering that my team did not make the post-season this year. Typically when that occurs I drop all things baseball and head for my nearest NFL or NBA outlets for another team to root for. This post-season has my attention though, and strangely I have probably watched more playoffs than I watched Red Sox the entire month of September.

I want to be a bit more specific though, I really watched mostly the NLCS because:

1) I can't stand watching the Yankees, even if they are losing
2) I REALLY can't stand Craig Sager and his ridiculous outfits.
3) see 1 and 2

So the NLCS it was. And because of their absolute commitment to their team in both the NLDS and the NLCS, I present this... you, the fans of the San Francisco Giants!

Let me explain a bit further. You see, back in 2003, I made a major decision in my life and decided to quit smoking. Why, you may ask? Well, I had other reasons as well, but I remember clearly when the Boston Red Sox were battling toe-to-toe with the Oakland A's in the ALDS. Every game was tight, and Boston dropped the first two, and then found a way to push it to a 5th and deciding game in Oakland. Boston ended up winning the game in an absolute nail-biter 4-3 and and I puffed away shaky-handed after the game I said "If I am going to make it through this type of series with the Yankees, I have to give this #$%@ up". So I did, quit cold turkey. To this day.

Back to Giants fans. I understand the playoffs stress. Every wait between pitches can be agonizing. Your Giants played in games with scores: 1-0, 4-5, 3-2, 3-2, 4-3, 1-6, 3-0, 6-5, 2-4, 3-2.

Out of 10 playoff games, 6 decided by 1 run, 30 runs scored to 29 allowed. The were a couple take a breath games in there and Giants fans definitely needed that breath. I remember when the Sox were taking it to the Cards for the championship and my friends and coworkers asked me if it wouldn't be more entertaining if the games were closer (repeated again with the Rockies series)

So for stomaching all the runners in scoring position (especially in game 6), the one-run games, and Craig Sager's suits in the NLDS, I salute Giants fans with some Mylanta. Now get some rest.

Being a card blog, how about some SF cards? 2010 Heritage Madison Bumgarner Rookie Chrome card. Stylin.

2009 Heritage ridiculously photoshopped Lincecum and Bochy. Uni-shoulder.

2010 Topps Turkey Red Pablo "Kung Fu Panda" Sandoval. The card technology takes off 20 lbs.

We'll take a look at the other guys tomorrow.

Friday, October 22, 2010

My 2009 Mystery Cut Redemption is.....

Whoopee. A brown envelope, right?

Well, yes, but not exactly. you see, inside of this envelope that I scanned just moments ago, is the culmination of a eight-month wait for my SP Legendary Cuts Mystery Cut Redemption. Seems like a long time to wait, but some people have waited over 15-months for their card.

So I am writing this before I open up the package because I don't want the results (I expect to be disappointed) to skew my excitement, because I definitely AM really excited to see what is inside.

A few weeks ago Upper Deck released a video showing some of the amazing cuts up for grabs. These were clearly the best of the best, and Upper Deck clearly did not show what a vast majority of us lottery ticket holders will ACTUALLY receive.

I have been following a chat board for several months and have heard just about every complaint possible towards Upper Deck, followed by elation that the cards were finally coming, followed by very vocal discontent at what was received. I am not kidding here, this is the equivelant of a Simpson's lynch mob, folks.

So, I am just going to keep everything in perspective, be happy with whatever I receive, and hope for some serious mojo... here we 2009 Mystery Cut Redemption is....

Here is one for you football historians. The Legendary (guess that is the name of the product right?) Paul Brown, founder of the Cleveland Browns (obviously) and the Cincinnati Bengals, (Paul Brown Stadium).
I have heard of some other pulls and overall am pretty thrilled with this pull. My only wish is that is had some sort of cool paper or date or stamp on it (check out the Harry Blackstone magician auto), but all-in-all this is a pretty dang cool addition to the collection.
Have a great weekend. Go crack a code or something!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Famous Showdowns

Coke Vs. Pepsi

Big Ern Vs. The Rubber Man

Rocky Vs. Drago

Man Vs. Wild

Lincecum Vs Halladay!
Tonight, we will once again be treated to round two of a title bout between Big Time Timmy Jim and Doc Halladay. While the opening round did not top the preliminary series results for either pitcher, it nevertheless resulted in a stellar atmosphere and great television.
Now with an elimination game on the line, the crowds should be pumped and the drama and nerves should be high. Must-see TV.
Oh....did I forget to mention that #1 Oregon plays tonight also?
Got code? STILL not too late to join the fun.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Keep to the Code!


If ye has yet attempt JD's Wild Code, it is never too late join. If ye is already on board and the code has led your judgment askew, show no fear, as CEO and swashbuckler Cap'n Jacoby has granted Parley.

The captain will answer but three questions pertaining to the code to help you chart your course. Please submit a comment below and await response.


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

No Pricing Due to Scarcity

These five words have become some of the the most dreaded words to me in the collection world. The baseball card hobby prides itself in makes variations upon variations of unique cards that keep us running back for more, finding a gem, throwing on a top-loader, and then scurrying to the nearest Beckett (you know you look) to see what the beauty is "worth".

And then you hit those words "No pricing due to scarcity"...and the balloon deflates. You stare at your card like it was some four-eyed alien and shrug your shoulders as you case it up and throw it into a box somewhere to vanish into obscurity until you find it and write a post like this.

Of course you could always toss it up on eBay to see what the card is worth. Of course you could also be severely underwhelmed as the card goes for WAY less than your "book value" and you are left feeling empty AND without a nice card.

Here are a few examples of some fortuitous pulls over the last year that qualify under the WTF pricing dilemma.

Topps Chicle Pablo Sandoval. Okay, one of the nicer auto's of the Chicle set...mmm....maybe $20 bones give or take a world series championship this season? But then...

BAM! Black umbrella back, numbered 12/25. One of two or three variations, this being tier two. Go to pricing guide..."No pricing due to scarity" DOH!

Ah, Evan Longoria Auto Relic from Topps unique. My first auto-relic. Go to the guide....BAM "no pricing due to scarcity". Seriously? Apparently there were only so many relic autos even produced that the dreaded words must apply.

> This one is the biggest mystery because neither of these guys really ring the bell for me, yet Beckett cannot even muster up a guess. While the auto subjects are not fantastic, I will say that the on-card TTM look to it, along with the horizontal scheme, really makes this a great card. I believe this subset is only 10 subjects (2 per card) and 25 cards each, so basically 125 total cards exist...sounds like it should be worth something, right? "No pricing due to scarcity".

It's not that I really want to sell or trade any of these. I guess my main argument is that a lot of us by a lot of product seeking unique treasures (yeah there are some base-hunters out there too, but I personally could not maintain the beast that became Mt St. Cardboard).

I just think that part of the fun of collecting is finding a great card and being able to thumb though a pricing guide, see a massive number, and feel like you beat the odds. "No pricing due to scarcity" really ruins that for me. I just think it's kind of lazy. Beckett feels they can throw a dart and put a price on more common cards, why can't they just do something like say it is worth a "gazillion" dollars or something...ANYTHING. Yeah sure, eBay market will dictate the price, but only at the cost of having to give up your card.

I just think in a hobby that is already rife with poor quality check standards, overpriced wax, and loads of worthless hits and autos, that somewhere and somehow you should have a rewarding feeling for pulling something great instead of question marks, a shrug of the shoulder, and tossing the card into a box.

Am I alone on this? What are some of your "no pricing due to scarcity" gems?

Monday, October 18, 2010

Corrections to Trivia Quiz

Hi folks,

I noticed a couple small blunders in the trivia questions portion of the code. Please read them again and note the highlighted changes to a couple questions. I fired that editor too.

If you have made it this far, you know what to do next...

...and if you have no idea what to do next, consider visiting here to get in the know.

NEW PRIZE ADDED! The winner of the contest will now also receive a specially signed TTM of Chicle Artist Dave Hobrecht! The winner will be able to choose from either

1) David Wright
2) Jayson Werth
3) Alex Rodriguez

Good luck!

1. This player is the only player to have his number retired in every ballpark. What is his jersey number, and how many career homeruns did he hit?

2. Stay Fair. This object was named after a famed Portland, Oregon native. In which section does it sit?

3. This self-professed “ringleader” of the Chicago Blacksox scandal had how many RBI’s during the regular season of “the fix”

4. On the evening that the Iron Man broke LG’s 2130, he also hit a home run. Multiply the inning he hit the homerun times his jersey number

5. In the 2004 ALCS Game 6, Curt Schilling underwent an experimental procedure in order to secure his recently injured ankle tendon. How many sutures were inserted into the ankle? There seems to be some variation depending on where you look...refer to "pitching in stitches" for the answer

6. He hit the “shot heard round the world” in 1951. Multiply his jersey number by the number of runs his team scored in that game.

7. After many years of day games only, Wrigley Field finally hosted its first official night game. What was the combined win total of the two competing teams for that season?

8. The “Earthquake Series” showed the winning team’s dominant performance amid the dramatic real-life events that unfolded. Multiply both teams combined homeruns by the World Series losing team’s total runs scored. Editor note: I misread the stat line and accidentally included two Sac flys, thus throwing off the math. Please use card #182.

9. Smoke and El Toro both tossed no-hitters on the same day. What was the day of the month ,and how many hits did each give up that year? Editors note: of the two cards, use the lower number first...

10. He was Lynn's last strikeout victim, but how many career HRs did he have?

11. Take Cy Young’s career wins total, minus his career losses total, and add his number of career shutouts.

12. Bobby Cox will be retiring at the end of this season, ending a remarkable managerial career. Despite his impressive record on the field, Cox as has an amazing stat for getting thrown OFF the field. How many ejections (as of 9/17/10) has Cox received?

13. Last player to strikeout four batters in one inning? His jersey number. Oh and can you believe how many times Chuck Finley did this? How many?

14. His latest walk-off homerun has him tied with some exclusive company, Jimmie Foxx, Mickey Mantle, Stan Musial, Frank Robinson and Babe Ruth.

But how many career stolen bases does the big man have?

Friday, October 15, 2010

JD's Wild Code begins...

Remember the 2010 Ginter Code?

Yeah, me neither because it came and went so quickly, and if I remember quickly was just a bunch of letters and symbols needing to be shifted into the right position. Kinda dull eh? '

I have always wanted to take a crack at creating my own code, but have only recently mustered up the motivation and creativity to do so.

My goal was to create a puzzle that is also a scavenger hunt of sorts, something that has some codes to it, but is more accessible to casual readers looking for a fun way to burn a little time and learn a bit about this great sport that we love so much.

As a side note, yes, I am aware that this type of contest does not appeal to everybody. But I will say that I have gone through efforts to make this more fun than challenging. Yes, parts may be tough, but it should not be tough enough to make you want to throw your computer off the balcony (our windows don't even open, so this would be exceptionally frustrating). And as Bill Cosby said on Fat Albert "if you're not careful, you might just learn something too".

Prize! You betcha! For starters the winner will receive all contents from a recent Topps Chrome box bust. Yeah, it's been opened, and there was no Heyward auto (sorry), but there are two autos, and a bunch of serial-numbered pretty refractors and chrome, including a couple T206, Topps Heritage versions special to this product.

I am also working on some other surprises as well.

Any questions, please feel free to leave a comment below. I will answer all questions in free forum.

That being said, I present to you "JD's Wild Code.

The first part of the puzzle is below. It is 165 characters long. HOLY TOLEDO! Too many, right? Take a breath though. I will include several hints that will prove to you that the first step is a bit of a softball...just a large softball! :)

JD's Wild Code Begins.....NOW!

Take a look at your first giant hint...

All RIGHT, it's time to get down to business!

(editors note- due to formating confusion,look way down at the bottom...good luck!)