Wednesday, July 7, 2010

From Dumberer to smart

For those of you who have not already heard the the World Cup Finals match-up, turn away!

Unfortunately I heard the result of today's game before I could make it home to watch it tonight. So be it, it's only the semifinals...grrrrrr.

I am, however, thrilled to see the Spain made it through. I feel pretty dang smart now after making the predictions way back when Spain lost their first game three weeks ago. I predicted that they would not only make the playoffs but be a major contender the way that they get a massive number of shots-on-goal per game.

Unfortunately the offense has not always been consistent, as todays 1-0 result showed yet again, but what HAS been consistent is the defense, and shutting down powerhouse Germany, thus crushing the hopes of BABenny for another 3 entries, just shows that this team is legit, albeit not always a ton of fun to watch.

So this weekend we have the finals between the Netherlands and Spain and my prediction is for a low-scoring affair, maybe 1-0 or 2-0 on a stretch goal near the end of the game. I don't want to predict a winner, but am going to be pulling for Espana.

Since I am rolling on predictions, lets go ahead and tackle this whole dramatic Lebron James ESPN must see television event tomorrow night. This is just my take on the situation, but if I were Lebron and I had the whole nation watching, wouldn't it be the biggest F U to the entire fan base of Cleveland if my hero went on TV and basically step on my and squashed me like a grape in front of a massive audience? I think that would show no class and is not the proper venue.

Instead, how does this story sound? The nation watches as local hero and phenom Lebron James gathers at the podium and slips on his.....Cleveland Cavaliers hat....much to the surprise and joy of his fans and the city of Cleveland. A feel-good ending. James is immortalized. A statue is erected in his honor, and everybody writes about Lebron's commitment to his community over fame. He would become Paul Bunyan-like.

Now, do I really think this is how it will go down? Not especially (how does a team afford Wade, Bosh and Lebron anyways?), but in my eyes, while for charity, this hour-long charade, if not staying with Cleveland, could really stand to hurt his image...even if he spends 45 minutes sincerely apologizing the Cavs fans for ditching him, which I fully expect to see should he leave.

Swami has spoken.

Dumberer video

When I first heard about a youtube video titled "Gandalf goes to the World Cup", I had a sense that something great and humerous had been produced.

I was completely wrong.

This video is terrible and completely lame.

I am going to post it anyways since I took the time to research into it. Go ahead and watch it...but be forwarned that you will feel much stupiderer for doing so...

Go Spain!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

JD's World Cup Update!

What's this? A new entry? Wherz e been, eh?

Based on a whole lot of factors, I have either not alloted myself enough time to blog, or have I really felt like it for that matter. It's been pretty much World Cup all the time lately with a sprinkling of Ginter Code and a dash of stickers, that pretty much sums up my time. Let's get caught up!

  • Allen and Ginter Spoofed! Alright, you caught me, there really is no JD Gellner card in the set this year...but I still stand firm that his "faux" card is much better looking than anything that I have seen pulled this year. Those pea-green backgrounds and recycled images don't really do it for me. I still stand by the 2008 brand as the Pinacle of the brand. Special thanks to Joe at Priceless Pursuit for his excellent design-work on these cards, as well as a few of the "special" variations. Am I a bit jealous that me and JD did not make the Ginter (front) cut? Yeah a bit, but we are still proud about making the back of the card, it's better than a poke with a stick I guess, which is why...

  • I Am collecting variations of our card! I am reaching out to my loyal 39 readers to help me in gathering the different variations of the Jacoby (and that other guy) card #165 I believe. I will just flip em upside down and stick them in a binder sleeve! I have the main version, but thats about it. I am looking for mini's, NNO minis, hand-numbered mini's, silk, get the idea. If you would be willing to help me gather these up for a keepsake for my little boy, that would be greatly appreciated and we will try to return the favor however we can!

  • My Ginter review! Bleh! pea-green, tattered edges, no bueno. Although the mini subsets are pretty cool. Who doesn't want dinosaurs and greek gods? that's what I figured. I bought one box of Ginter and I think I am applying the breaks at this point. I am definitely going to seek out the subsets though, and I gots to get me a Sig Hanson auto!

  • Sticker Mania! I have been working feverishly to complete the World Cup sticker book. It is a definite grind peeling stickers and getting them centered just right, but I am over half-way through my box of 50 packs on top of the 25 that I snagged from Dollar Tree before they sold out forever! I have some pretty big plans for the book, but I need to finish it up before I get to plan B. For those of you that need some of these in trade, hang tight just a bit longer and I can let you know what I have. Just leave me a comment and I will contact you.

  • World Cup! I have my side column updated completely all the way through the Netherlands/Uraguay that just wrapped up! Thanks to everybody for participating and stay tuned for the results on Sunday evening of the big contest. I am still wrangling up the prizes, but rest assured it will be worth it. Top three win big.

  • Red Sox! OMG! The injuries! It's 2005 all over again!