Friday, September 10, 2010

More Friday Fun Returns...

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So who is this guy?

Alex sez: Either of the Walton Boys

Yeeeeesssss! Very nice indeed. I would tend to lean towards Papa Bill on this one. Just slap a Dodger cap on him and there he is!

Funny story about Bill Walton. About 10 years back during the JailBlazer era the Blazers decided to host an ill-advised Bill Walton beanie baby night at the Rose Garden Arena. This was either a nationally televised contest, or Bill was a special guest announcer because he was present and adding his stuffy, proper commentary to the game.

So all the fans are loaded with beanie babies, and crabby enough because these were Jail Blazer days, and at some point in the 4th quarter, Scottie Pippen got called for an extremely controversial foul, causing a chorus of boos....then beanie babies to be thrown on to the court!

Walton was totally speechless, and totally offended that such precious gifts from his adoring fans could be hucked away so half-hazardly and without regret. In your face, Walton!

Friday Fun Early Returns

In case you are playing catch-up, go here...

So who the heck is Clayton Kershaw this year? Modine? Damon? Tossing it out to you to decide. Here are a couple early entries...
Clayton Kershaw resembles...

Sharpe since 92 sez: Gary Busse! Right on target straight down to the teeth.

Priceless Pursuit sez: Candice Cameron???????? DJ Tanner...Perhaps the rosey cheeks?

Friday Fun!

Friday's are just too precious to waste on the same ol' baseball collecting dribble. After a night where I lost my first Pigskin Pick Em' pick of the season, which is an almost Punxsutawny Phil-like predictor of how the season will go, and my number one fantasy pick Drew Brees was decidedly sub-par, and ALSO a night in which the comeback code at The Show reared it's ugly head ONCE AGAIN...after all of this, I think it's high time we had a little fun around here.

I have always been fascinated with Clayton Kershaw cards. I have been continually amazed at how Kershaw images always appear to be a spitting image of a celebrity. He is quite the chameleon!

Take, for example, potato chip-stained card below (by the way, this image was ripped from eBay, so I have no idea what the seller is thinking...grease stain 1/1?). Regardless, when you compare the 2010 Topps T206 mini Kershaw to... Cutthroat Island's Matthew Modine....

...then you (hopefully) see what I am talking about. No, I don't have an unhealthy fascination with Mr. Modine, although his speed-reading ability in Gross Anatomy and his able abilities to captain a World Cup sailboat in Wind are certainly enviable. BUT, if I did have a fascination with Matt Modine, then explain this...
2008 Topps Allen and Ginter Clayton Kershaw toilet paper mini. Perhaps a spitting image of...

Matt Damon???

Look again, and again, and again, until you agree with me. Something strange is going on here and it is not a fascination with guys named Matt.
Here is where you come in. I present the 2010 Topps Allen and Ginter Clayton Kershaw...

Now I KNOW that his appearance in this card is vastly different than the last two cards. He looks nothing like either Modine or Damon. So I throw out to you, my dedicated readers, this challenge...

WHO does Kershaw look like this year. Click on my email and send me a JPG and I will post them throughout the day. Go with accuracy, go with creativity...just go with it because you know you have Friday apathy and need something to burn a few minutes off the clock
Enjoy your Friday!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Proof Positive

When I charted a new course for my collection, a much smaller, compact variety of collection, I made a point that any and all minis (non-dups) would be welcomed into JD's mini collection binder. Here is proof of that.
Oh yeah! Check out my boatload of Yankees minis, courtesy of Joe at The Priceless Pursuit! Joe was very gracious to part with his handful of minis in his collection and donate to my quest...whatever it is. Of course, we are definitely going to need to be splitting these fellas up, as there is simply too much gag reflex factor if you keep them all together. I am thinking about scattering them among sharks and Ponce De Leon and Julio Lugo.

Also included in the package was Higby, you friendly neighborhood yo-yo-man.

This is without a doubt one of the cheesier of the Ginter mini cards out there (though the fire-man from this year's set is giving some serious competition to that claim). Thanks again Joe for helping me out!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Anybody want a Kinsler Cycle Mini?

Hi folks.

This image was pulled from Ebay because the original is at home, and this image by no means is representative of the type of parallel, but rest assured that over the weekend I snagged a second blaster of T206 and pulled a cycle mini of Ian Kinsler #/99.

I am perfectly content to stick this card in a binder sleeve with the rest of the mish-mash, but I know you Texas fans might prefer to have it in your collection instead.

SO I thought I would toss out the offer of my cycle for another cycle from the set. While it would be nice to have a cool player, it does not really matter to me. If you would like the Kinsler, and have a cycle card to trade straight across for it, let me know and we can do a tidy little one-stamp trade!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Grudgematch part 2: The Blaster


During my Target run the other night I could not choose between retail Topps T206 and Blaster Topps T206, so I decided to try a bit of both and run a product comparison. My summary? The cards all look alike! Actually it should also be noted that you get the same odds out of Blasters as Retail boxes. I don't know if they have a wall-hanger product out or not...if so those might have tougher odds.

So here are the highlights of my blaster. Remember that my five packs of retail pulled an Ellsbury NNO and a Strasburg Caramel mini, so that might be a bit tough to match.

Pack #1

Colby Rasmus
Tim Lincecum (with hat!!!)
Gil Meche Polar Bear Mini
Ryan Dempster Bronze
Chris Volstad
Andrew McCutchen

Pack #2

Frank Robinson
Yogi Berra
Hanley Ramirez Caramel Mini
Andy Pettitte Bronze
Curtis Granderson
Alex Rios

Pack #3

Jayson Werth
Brandon Inge
Jason Heyward Piedmont Mini
Lou Gehrig
David Price Bronze
Justin Upton

Pack #4

Ken Griffey Jr
Orlando Cabrera Caramel Mini
Jason Heyward Bronze
Ty Cobb
Adam Jones
Chris Coghlan

Pack #5

Jason Bartlett
Willie Keeler
Geovany Soto
Miguel Montero Piedmont mini
Travis Hafner Bronze
Kurt Suzuki

Pack #6

Jorge Posada
Adam Lind
Raul Ibanez
First Jet Engine plane mini
Dexter Fowler Bronze
Vernon Wells

Pack #7

Rafael Furcal
Matt Cain Piedmont mini
Melky Cabrera Bronze
John Danks
Kevin Millwood
Babe Ruth NNO

Alcides Escobar
Placido Polanco
Yunel Escobar
Troy Glaus Bronze
Nolan Ryan
Some Mini Card Currently On The Lamb (last seen hitching a ride down I-5)

Summary: I am a big fan of what Heyward is doing this season, so it is nice to pull a mini, and the Ruth NNO is pretty cool, albeit not necessarily unique. Some of these cards are reasonably nice, and some need to be put out to pasture. I guess that is probably about the same story with any product though. Nolan Ryan sure has pretty teeth, don't he?

Winner? I am going to have to go with the loose, retail box. Pulling a Strasberg Caramel, while no doubt not nearly as exciting as it would have been two months ago, is a nice little historic piece to add to JD's collection. "This is the guy that everybody emptied their pocketbooks to get a card of and made eBay very happy".

This will be a fun product to buy some occasional packs. The mini parallels and reasonably interesting card subjects, should make pack rips pretty exciting. I am uncertain why a continuation product is so vastly different than its predecessor, but I will give Topps this much, at least the set seems free of recycled images, at least from what I have seen in these packs.

Remember, all cards for trade, except for the minis! Speaking of mini's, here they are, except for the one that has gone mysterious missing. I wonder if JD knows anything about that.