Friday, October 15, 2010

JD's Wild Code begins...

Remember the 2010 Ginter Code?

Yeah, me neither because it came and went so quickly, and if I remember quickly was just a bunch of letters and symbols needing to be shifted into the right position. Kinda dull eh? '

I have always wanted to take a crack at creating my own code, but have only recently mustered up the motivation and creativity to do so.

My goal was to create a puzzle that is also a scavenger hunt of sorts, something that has some codes to it, but is more accessible to casual readers looking for a fun way to burn a little time and learn a bit about this great sport that we love so much.

As a side note, yes, I am aware that this type of contest does not appeal to everybody. But I will say that I have gone through efforts to make this more fun than challenging. Yes, parts may be tough, but it should not be tough enough to make you want to throw your computer off the balcony (our windows don't even open, so this would be exceptionally frustrating). And as Bill Cosby said on Fat Albert "if you're not careful, you might just learn something too".

Prize! You betcha! For starters the winner will receive all contents from a recent Topps Chrome box bust. Yeah, it's been opened, and there was no Heyward auto (sorry), but there are two autos, and a bunch of serial-numbered pretty refractors and chrome, including a couple T206, Topps Heritage versions special to this product.

I am also working on some other surprises as well.

Any questions, please feel free to leave a comment below. I will answer all questions in free forum.

That being said, I present to you "JD's Wild Code.

The first part of the puzzle is below. It is 165 characters long. HOLY TOLEDO! Too many, right? Take a breath though. I will include several hints that will prove to you that the first step is a bit of a softball...just a large softball! :)

JD's Wild Code Begins.....NOW!

Take a look at your first giant hint...

All RIGHT, it's time to get down to business!

(editors note- due to formating confusion,look way down at the bottom...good luck!)


Thursday, October 14, 2010

An Important Announcement

This blog is now sponsored by CBS! (editor's note....actually this is CBC...I fired the original writer...what a lunch box).

No, not really, but I needed a special image for a special announcement that something cool will take place on this blog starting with tomorrow's post. JD and I have conjured up a little fun that (hopefully) you will enjoy.

See you tomorrow!

My ACTUAL 2010 Topps Triple Threads Hits

Yesterday I mentioned how my long shot 2% chance of purchasing a box of 2010 Triple Threads quickly became a 100% reality.

Yesterday I did not have the scans available, so I got a little cheeky and found some pretty cool replacement hits (wasn't that Gehrig amazing?). So last night I took the time to scan in the REAL 2010 hits for your approval.

Mike Schmidt. Hindsite I probably should have kept the auto hit, but as I said yesterday, Schmidt just really isn't my deal, and I don't really care for the image nor the powder blue jersey, or pants, or whatever it is. What part of that Phillie's uniform had blue? Schmidt collectors deserve it more than I.

Now this one I kept and the more I look at it, the more impressed I am. First of all, the scanner makes reflective images look dusty and blurry. Rest assured this card really pops. I really like the three color jersey scheme, and I like the font of the word "Nationals", AND I really dig the stitching on the letter "I". I am happy to add this to my binder as the representative of 2010 Triple Threads (pending birthday insanity....but there is only a 2% chance I will buy another box :)
Here are some base...

There is base in this product?? Funny thing is I think there is five more cards floating around the cave somewhere, but I could not find them. I might have "lost" them as I screamed in frustration and hucked them down the garbage disposal when I did not hit my 1:1 Superfractor White Whale Triple Auto Tri-Fold 3D DNA card of Stras, Heyward, and the Babe. Dammit.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I double-dipped: My 2010 Topps Triple Theads pulls

A couple weeks back I did a post regarding my weakness for high-end product. There is something about the thrill of the unknown, which is also why I like playing slot machines and bingo...both of which have better odds than pulling something decent out of this product.

I don't know if it is the cool triangle package containing the two equally cool triangle packages within. Maybe its the design of the box itself, which incorporates material that is better than most relics (must be where all the the extra money goes, because you certainly don't get your money's worth (except for that one guy that bought a case on some youtube box tore it up...nobody else did).

There are also four phases to the purchasing of Triple Threads.

1) Anticipation - "I'm gunna get a white whale of Strasburg Superfractor, black bordered, 3D, DNA Triple relic tri-fold book"!

2) Reality - "A Shin-Shoo Choo Hanes T-Shirt Relic"? (Sorry Shin-Shoo, you a kinda my example whipping boy...I am sure you are a great guy...with a hefty Topps contract."

3) Denial - "Oh man! I am eating Top Ramen for months!"

4) Acceptance - "You know, if you turn out all the lights and don't look directly at these, these hits are actually pretty sweet!"

This is pretty representative of my birthday Triple Threads box. Nothing to shabby about a Kemp auto, and an Utley Rastafarian relic, but both were pretty high-numbered and all-in-all a disappointing box for my first suaree.

Enter 2010. I double-dipped. I dipped in April...and I dipped again.

A new year, a new lottery ticket. I better mentally-prepared myself this time. One, I had the savings so no need for Ramen rations, two, I really didn't go in as an investment opportunity this time. Three - Could I really do worse than last year?

So I went in to Cranky's store and did not hesitate to buy a box. He throws three out in front of me. I hate it when he does that. To me it is kinda like the shell game...except at Cranky's shop there in not a shell under any of them. I grabbed the shelf model. Why? Because I wanted to make cranky put a price tag on another box!

So I present to you my hits. I did not have the time to scan these last night so I have scoured the Internet to find images....


Box one: Mike Schmidt Relic-Auto #/18. Okay, so I will start my saying that I sold this card on eBay, which I sorta regret, but not terribly. I fully intended to keep whatever I pulled, but really of all legendary HOF's, Mike Schmidt really just does not do it for me. Typically I would rather somebody who really likes that player get the card, just like if I was to go out searching for a low-numbered Ellsbury card....Except for the jerks who keep outbidding me on Jacoby rip cards and then ripping them and trying to sell a stupid shell of a card for .99 cents......AAARRRGGGGH!!

Seriously though. Sweet card...just not for this hombre.


Box 2: Washington National's Adam Dunn Relic #/36. Spells out "Nationals". Pretty cool. Don't really have much else to's a relic. It does not even have hacky-sack material in it. But it's ALL MINE (item is for trade) :)

So really, not too disappointed. Every now and then you have to stick your neck out there and roll the dice and get an adrenaline boost doing so.

Will there be a birthday repeat?

*Pictures represented may not resemble actual items described

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The beginning and the end

Congratulations to the San Francisco Giants, who continue to shake the Barry Bonds cloud by defeating the Atlanta Braves (sorry DayF) and heading for a date with the Philadelphia Phillies Buzzsaw in the NLCS.

The final game was significant in that it signaled a welcome mat for a couple of Giants rookies. Madison Bumgarner, rookie (phenom?), who pitched an average 6 innings of 6 hit, 5K ball, but considering this is Madison's first rodeo, and an elimination game, AND pitching against a veteran ace, this one was special.

I really want to say that the Giants hit the pedal when Posey found his way into the every day rotation. Last night Posey was reasonably quiet, but did score the go-ahead run in the 7th to put the pressure on Atlanta.

Of course the end of the series is also bitter sweet as baseball says goodbye to one of the greatest managers in the history of the game.

Hell, Cox was managing when I was a teenager. Back in the days before Internet and satellite sports, I was a Braves fan and followed Bobby as he brought his team to the playoffs EVERY SINGLE YEAR... I will never forget the euphoria when the most unlikely fellow, Sid Bream came rumbling around 3rd and beat the tag to take out the hated Pirates and Barry Bonds.
Have a happy retirement Bobby!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

The CEO loves him some Cosby Sweaters!

Occasionally, the CEO and Founder of JD's Wildcardz makes a surprise appearance in the office to do some quality checking on the products that we purchase and write about. This particular day, his interest was in 1992 Skybox Basketball.

We devised a little collection system for Skybox a couple months back (yes, this box has really lasted us THAT long). We like to scour the packs for ex-Blazers, and Cosby Sweaters.

You see, this set of Skybox was fantastic because it was the mullet of card in the front and party in the back. Anything from Carl Malone riding a horse to Michael Jordan golfing, to David Robinson looking like he was posing from his senior photo, this set is like two cards in one.
Of particular interest are the great sweater shots found on some of the cards. Below are a few examples....

Danny, Mark and Rex sport the latest 1992 fashions. I really need to get that hair off of the scanner.
We'll keep you posted on future sweater spottings!
On a side note...JD and I have been busy working on something special for you all, and at this point all systems are go to give it a big kickoff this Friday, so be sure to check back in!