Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I double-dipped: My 2010 Topps Triple Theads pulls

A couple weeks back I did a post regarding my weakness for high-end product. There is something about the thrill of the unknown, which is also why I like playing slot machines and bingo...both of which have better odds than pulling something decent out of this product.

I don't know if it is the cool triangle package containing the two equally cool triangle packages within. Maybe its the design of the box itself, which incorporates material that is better than most relics (must be where all the the extra money goes, because you certainly don't get your money's worth (except for that one guy that bought a case on some youtube box tore it up...nobody else did).

There are also four phases to the purchasing of Triple Threads.

1) Anticipation - "I'm gunna get a white whale of Strasburg Superfractor, black bordered, 3D, DNA Triple relic tri-fold book"!

2) Reality - "A Shin-Shoo Choo Hanes T-Shirt Relic"? (Sorry Shin-Shoo, you a kinda my example whipping boy...I am sure you are a great guy...with a hefty Topps contract."

3) Denial - "Oh man! I am eating Top Ramen for months!"

4) Acceptance - "You know, if you turn out all the lights and don't look directly at these, these hits are actually pretty sweet!"

This is pretty representative of my birthday Triple Threads box. Nothing to shabby about a Kemp auto, and an Utley Rastafarian relic, but both were pretty high-numbered and all-in-all a disappointing box for my first suaree.

Enter 2010. I double-dipped. I dipped in April...and I dipped again.

A new year, a new lottery ticket. I better mentally-prepared myself this time. One, I had the savings so no need for Ramen rations, two, I really didn't go in as an investment opportunity this time. Three - Could I really do worse than last year?

So I went in to Cranky's store and did not hesitate to buy a box. He throws three out in front of me. I hate it when he does that. To me it is kinda like the shell game...except at Cranky's shop there in not a shell under any of them. I grabbed the shelf model. Why? Because I wanted to make cranky put a price tag on another box!

So I present to you my hits. I did not have the time to scan these last night so I have scoured the Internet to find images....


Box one: Mike Schmidt Relic-Auto #/18. Okay, so I will start my saying that I sold this card on eBay, which I sorta regret, but not terribly. I fully intended to keep whatever I pulled, but really of all legendary HOF's, Mike Schmidt really just does not do it for me. Typically I would rather somebody who really likes that player get the card, just like if I was to go out searching for a low-numbered Ellsbury card....Except for the jerks who keep outbidding me on Jacoby rip cards and then ripping them and trying to sell a stupid shell of a card for .99 cents......AAARRRGGGGH!!

Seriously though. Sweet card...just not for this hombre.


Box 2: Washington National's Adam Dunn Relic #/36. Spells out "Nationals". Pretty cool. Don't really have much else to's a relic. It does not even have hacky-sack material in it. But it's ALL MINE (item is for trade) :)

So really, not too disappointed. Every now and then you have to stick your neck out there and roll the dice and get an adrenaline boost doing so.

Will there be a birthday repeat?

*Pictures represented may not resemble actual items described

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