Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Oh yeah! This is how you cut down on card spending my friends, get yourself a little MW2 and watch the hours melt away! My buddy just dropped off my copy tonight, so I am going to make this pretty brief so I can jump online and get slaughtered by 10-year olds!

I have a lot of Sweet Spots to share with you. I went bananas and bought 7, yes 7 packs of the stuff. Lets just say that the results were pretty underwhelming to say the least, but a random pack of 2007 cosigners jumped out at me and paid a nice little dividend, so that eased the pain a bit. I will share all the results soon, but for now I thought I would share a couple eBay purchases that I got on the cheap...
2009 Updates and Highlights Mat Gamel Rookie auto. I have wanted a Gamel since I caught wind of the guy last spring, was hoping to snag one out of Topps Chrome, but instead I found a career quest that went unnoticed by many online. I still think all of these Topps hits look beautiful, and they really have a good sense of color to match the sticker auto. This is definitely a stunner.
Next up, I DID cheat and buy a Sweet Spot online...

Chad Billingsley. A quasi-pitching phenom that I got a good deal on. Scan is a little blurry, but a cool card none the less to put away in the ol shoebox. NONE of my other 7 packs came close to a Sweet Spot hit, but stay tuned if you are a fan of swatches, because I will have several up for trade. I will scan them in when I get a moment, but for now it is off to do some combat!