Friday, June 19, 2009

Home Run?

A pretty quiet evening around here, but I thought I would drop a quick blog on a little anomoly I noticed after stopping at the store and picking up a few packs of Bowman. Why I keep snagging Bowman I have no idea since it has never hit on anything but Yankees, but I needed some binder slips anyways, so I grabbed a few packs. Nothing really groundbreaking (big surprise), but I did notice this odd little card of Cincinnati Pitcher Edison Volquez. I really like the Cincy young pitchers, but was completely puzzled by their choice of photos... It appears Mr. Volquez is quite savvy with...THE BAT? Hmm, I will need to research how many pitcher/batting photos are out there. You can just tell by the stance and the A-Rod bit lip, that the ball ain't going anywhere but the catchers glove.

It's a Cub Eat Cub World

I have disocvered that my calling in life is to receive either Yankee cards or Cubs cards. I have now collected so many cubs game used that I figured it deserved a blog of its own. I will try to do this Chronologically: This was my very first game used pull. I was very excited to finally find the major prize that the box advertised. That was until the next day when I pulled this: Cool! Never thought that I would pull a short print variety. Ryne has since found a home with Cubbie fan BDJ. I then started a Series 1 hobby box and ended up pulling: Eh? ANOTHER Aramis? Okay, but at least couldn't he be doing something a little more exciting in this card? Also, is there a third version with a side profile? As I worked to complete the Topps series I snagged this: This is a nice little silk numbered to 50 card. I never knew about these cards before and have never seen another one out there, so I am quite happy to have this in my collection. Next:
Sandberg makes another appearance in my collection, obviously looking to fill the void of his SP doppleganger.

Just can't keep a good Aramis down, as he makes yet another appearance.

Lastly, I bring you the great SS Ernie Banks. This is without a doubt one of my favorites of all the cards listed above and most likely he is going to hang out in the collection for some time. For you Cub fans out there, I am looking to diversify my game-used portfolio a bit, and would be happy to send any of the Aramis trifecta your direction if you have something interesting in exchange. Just let me know! Cubs win! Cubs win!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

First Trade in the Barrel!

So a lot to report tonight. Add another milestone complete to my baseball card collecting project. When I got home this evening, I was just chilling at the table with my favorite Mitch Williams card when I noticed my first brown package! So massive props go out to Ed at Roll out the Barrel
for supplying me with the first free pack of cards that I have opened in several weeks!

This package included a few cards towards my Turkey Hunt!
The recently liberated...I mean traded Nate McClouth, Ryan Zimmerman, and Delmon Young are officially off of my hit list...Ed also included an extremely rare Jacoby Dustin Card (I think it is a 1:1).

These three cards at first glance may not seem that important, if not for the fact that I have now officially completed base set 1-660! Ed had noticed my self-deprecating blog last week for accidentally purchasing Target throwback blasters, and must have sensed that I was about to throw in the towel because I had an email waiting for me the next morning. I suspect that Denard Span was so difficult to find because everybody sends the to Crackin Wax!
Also included were a healthy handful of commons to help me complete set number 2 since I amassed so many duplicates in this process that I figured I might as well complete a second set. I am well on my way and my needs list has shrunk significantly.
So cheers to Ed for helping me achieve my first goal, and saving me from spending $20 more bucks on another blaster!

Triple-A All Star Game is Coming to Town.

So I just realized today that the AAA All Star Game is going to be held in Portland, Oregon this year on the 15th of July. Typically I am not much of Triple A guy, simply because the atmosphere is a bit shotty and it is too hard to keep track of who the heck these guys are. Another gripe is that a few years back, the Portland Beavers were absolutely tearing it up with guys like Jack Cust, and Chase Headley leading the way. Well, it just so happens that the Oakland A's and the San Diego Padres were also tearing it up, and proceeded to yank Portland's best players just in time for the AAA playoffs. Portland got stomped. I feel really bad for the fans that stick with the local team, only to have the carpet pulled out from under their feet when it counts the most.

But I could see myself really enjoying this game. The best of the AAA, just waiting to get called up. It is also a great opportunity for some autographs and I should have decent access to the players at the fan fest event. I am not sure when they announce the teams, but will have my cards on standby for when they do.

If you have a favorite rookie and are looking for an auto, let me know. I obviously can make no guarantees, but am willing to try for ya.

A Little Less Green

Well, I am happy to report that today I feel a little less of a greenhorn with my first official autograph pull "of relevance" I am not saying that a Mets prospect (who happened to play for Oregon State I have been told) is not relevant to SOMEBODY, but not for me. So without further ado I bring you...
Also numbered to 125. I really enjoy young pitchers, as every season they get really hyped up as they get called up to the bigs and always start out on fire since nobody has ever seen their stuff. Cueto did just that last season, becoming an immediate impact for the Reds (and on my fantasy squad), only to flouder out due to control problems and too many innings, though he still threw an occasional gem. This season he is currently posting a 2.17 ERA and a 1.07 WHIP and a nearly 3:1 K/BB ratio. Upper Deck got it right by calling him a future legend, and I am happy to have him as a permanent addition to my collection. I am also seeking other young pitchers such as Yovanni Gallardo, Tommy Hanson, and most recently King Felix if anybody is looking to trade.
Another relevant pull: I believe this card is numbered to 100. I find that these Sandbergs just find a way to find me. I have nothing against Ryne Sandberg, but just never really got into the cubs. Once cursed team is my limit, and perhaps this little piece is the ticket to get the Cubs over the top, so feel free to contact me if interested.
I leave you with this: He should keep Sam Houston in line...

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

It's going to be Lengen...wait for it...dary.

Doggonit! Why is it every time I decide to splurge a little bit that I always end up pulling stuff like this?
Now to be fair, I am sure that some lucky yankee fan out there would love this jersey. Not my cup o tea I am afraid, also...
Oooooh, its blue....and another Yankee. let me know if you are interesting in trading for either of these beauties.
Now a little bit about the SP Legendary Cuts set. I love the look of them, and I love the odds of pulling something...legendary. That being said this is a DANGEROUS set to fall in love with for many reasons (mostly financial ones). Anyways, besides Mr Rivera up there, I pulled a nice Russell Martin, Magglio Ordonez, Jay Bruce, Chad Billingsly, Big Z, John Lackey, Carlos Pena, and Nick Markakis. I really am hoping to have a scanner soon, so bear with the lack of images. The other nice pull from the set was:
a true legend indeed. He stays with me, but if anything else caught your eye, feel free to contact me.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

2009 Topps Ticket to Stardom

So in my daily travels around the web learning about potential card sets to collect, I stumbled upon this little number from the Beckett Blog, (or go to Topps if you hate Beckett). Now since it appears that my MO is collecting full sets, this one certainly fits the bill being only 250 or so base cards (each box has 24 packs of 12 cards) so by doing the math you can see that one box and a bit of trading ought to do the trick.

However, look at the designs of these cards. Sorry they are a bit small, but there are larger versions at the above link. I guess my thoughts are that the whole UPC code style is a bit hokey, but where they really lose me is with the ticket stubs. Are AUTHENTIC MLB ticket stub really worth their weight? Really? I guess I should not have discarded mine from the Sox/Mariners game in Seattle. I guess if it was a monumental game (like the midges attacking Joba!) then I can see SOME value, but don't think enough value to drop 90 bucks, 90! on a hobby box. I will give credit to the Pujols card, it has a nice signature AND game-used jersey in a cool layout, but as a new collector, I really have to wonder what you all think of this set. Is this the next great thing, or just a way for Topps to make a little extra cash this fall?

Wild Kingdom

Just what the heck is going on at Progressive Field? Last night I had the opportunity to catch a few innings of the Cleveland/Milwaukie roller coaster. our friends the birds were once again the stars of the show, as the ESPN cameras loving continued to shoot shots of the birds from the stadium cameras, as well as numerous shots from the blimp above.

Now one of the reasons I love baseball so much is the UNPREDICTABILTY of the game. Each season is so long that you every year I can count on seeing something that I have never seen before,or thought possible.

Case in point. Last year Manny Ramirez catches a ball in deep left, high-fives a fan, and then proceeds to complete the double play. The year before that there was the Tarp attack during a rain storm in Colorado, as Phillies came to the aid.

Now, I am sorry to Yankee fans, but the midges attack in Cleveland during the 2007 ALDS was a classic

So I watched the game last night in wonder as the birds swooped and soared and soiled the field (good thing those guys are wearing hats) and wondered what was the seagulls motive? World domination?

Nah, I doubt it...they are probably more concerned with finding some popcorn that planning a hostile takeover.

it suddenly came to me what is happening in Cleveland...clearly the seagulls are being released into the stadium in order to deal with the midge problem. As the midges have definitely left a sour taste (sorry Joba) in many peoples mouths, it makes sense for team management to deal with the midge issue.

My question then do we take care of the seagulls? After being bamboozled last week by the gulls, Coco Crisp recently fought back...

Clearly the next phase in controlling the birds is to release some small felines into the stadium to scare the birds away...

So you have a few kitties in the outfield to scare the birds off...what is the harm, right? HOWEVER, in the circle of life everything needs its checks and balances and should those cats get out of line, there is only one answer...

Oh, did you guys want to talk about cards today? :)

Monday, June 15, 2009

Of Things Napolean, Phelps, and Bigfoot

Over the weekend I had the pleasure of having a dinner meeting with the CEO of the blog, JD. Over a fine meal of strained peas, pears, and pureed turkey and wild rice, we discussed all things baseball card collecting related and the direction that we would like to see our collection go next.

"aaaggggg"! he exclaimed, which clearly meant that it is time to stop test driving so many single products. "blaaagggg" he added, indicating that next time I purchase a retail box, to be sure that I get the CORRECT product, and not throwbacks. He had a point there. He is wise indeed.

Over dessert (milk) we talked further about starting up set collection, since we are making a bit of headway on our Topps flagship, and 2010 is oh so far away still. Which one to choose? UD is too vast, and then cardboard boxes and penny sleeves alone, not to mention the several boxes needed to complete the set would seriously cut into our pureed meat fund...Topps Heritage was a little underwhelming and smelly, and Bowman is a little too speculative for our taste. The choice became clear..

"AAAGGGIN" exclaimed Jacoby

"AAAGGIN"? I asked him..."Oh, you mean Allen and Ginter"?

I took his grabbing and gnawing on my shirt sleeve to be an affirmative.

So JD and I proudly announce that this July we will begin the quest for Allen and Ginter 2009!

We just pre-ordered a couple hobby boxes last night and are excited at the prospects of completing a full base set, as well as as many of the strange subsets as well. Please check back in for updates, and feel free to email us with any questions or trade needs!

ps. As I have been reading about the product, my attention was brought to the "crack the ginter code" contest. Now I know that this is a nearly impossible mission and there are tons of people out there that would like to crack the code. BUT if you are not one of those people, I thought it would be an incredible kick to have little JD immortalized on a baseball card, so I thought I would start a grassroots campaign. Again, I know that this is a next to none chance, but if you have no desire for those cards, please keep us in mind, and we will return in kind!