Friday, November 12, 2010

Status of the Wild Code

Unsolved! Call Robert Stack.

Seriously though, it's time to get this pony moving right along and solve this code! Now I can tell you that there are THREE of you that have reached the second to last step in the process. It took some doing, but if you look back to how you got there, it should have been pretty straight forward.

The area that you are stuck is also straight forward. I by no means created advanced algebraic algorhythms to trip you up. If you look at what is presented to you, there is only so much data you can pull from it. Think about what you see...or read. These connect somehow, and when you see it, it will be incredibly obvious.

I am open to questions below.

Keep pluggin!


  1. Ho Ho Ho! Santa Mike is offering those in "the know" this additional clue.

    You should know the first player....the second player became a Padre in July, 2010.

  2. Oye... still can't make any progress... hopefully for their sake, these clues help the other 2 guys... Can I beg for one more clue?

  3. Here's a question that I often think about in grocery stores:

    If you could have total immunity from the unhealthy side effects of any ONE food item (i.e., non-beverage) in the store, what would it be? No weight gain, no high cholesterol, nothing.

    I'd pick some sort of chip, I think. Maybe Doritos Cool Ranch.

  4. never been much of a doritos guy, getting the cheesy stuff on my fingers and the ridiculously nasty breathe always steered me away from them. Come to think of it, if they could invent cheetos that did not get all over you, AND did not contribute to all that bad stuff...yes, I would choose cheetos.

  5. Good choice with the Cheetos. Cheesy orange fingers count as a side effect that you would not be affected by. They were actually my second choice.

  6. So are we following a trail through the cards or are we looking for the one that doesn't belong?

  7. Oh, we are talking about the code again? :) I was dreaming bout cheetos.

    The cards all link together except one.