Monday, November 8, 2010

A set that continues to impress

Way back when, I opened up a single box of 2008 Allen and Ginter. This box was opened after I had already experienced the 2007 and 2009 sets, and after seeing the cards in the box and the wide variety of subjects and spot-on artwork, I really felt that the 2008 set was the heyday for Allen and Ginter.

Nowadays I am focusing on collecting a massive vortex binder of minis, and through occasional trades I continue to stumble upon subsets from the 2008 Allen and Ginter set. These are like little windows that continue to open on yet more cards to pursue.

Here are a couple new subsets that I knew nothing about...

2008 Allen and Ginter King itself a pretty raging card, though I had no idea that it was not a base mini...

Nice! The Worlds Icons! Check out this list of cards in the set. Confucius, The Sphinx, Quetzalcoatl....HERCULES?!?! NICE. This is definitely a set worth pursuing.

Here is another card sent to me in trade earlier this month (or last?)...the Aerodrome.

This card belongs to the Pioneers of Aviation, which I believe is a secret subset, along with the shark set. I have never even seen any of these other cards, but I imagine that they look pretty fantastic.
I am putting the call out there. If any of you might happen to have any of these subsets, or any other random minis that you have no idea what to do with, shoot me a comment or note and we'll see if we can strike up a brown envelope exchange!


  1. Hey, I actually have four minis I have been saving for someone interested in them.

    2008 A&G PA4 - Aerial Steam Carriage
    2009 A&G HHB12 - Victor Lustig
    2010 A&G mini #297 Newton

    Topps 206 #HE15 - Earth Passes Through Tail of Comet Halley

    I would be happy to send you all four if you had some Mets stuff to send me in return. My want list is up on my website, but I do collect other Mets too.

  2. That sounds great! I seem to recall pulling something unique jose reyes, but I cant recall off the top of my head. I will check it out and contact you!