Friday, September 18, 2009

Sweet Spot "Law of Three"

So I have be waffling like Brett Favre all day on what to purchase this week. I have put myself on an allowance system, but today felt like spending a greater amount of money since I have my Goodwin Champions coming on Monday, and those will keep me occupied for a couple weeks minimum if I stick to my slow burn rule. Therefore I went into Cranky's shop today with the mindset of looking to spend a little cash.

I have a little bit of a soft spot for Sweet Spot since I have had the fortune of an Alexei Ramirez auto (2nd most coveted to Evan Longoria) as well as the Saito on-ball signature. Plus I think the base cards are pretty dandy too, and if you get a free tin, then thats cool also.

So I came up with a plan. Here is my reasoning. There are six packs in a box, and on average two autos per box and four relics. My guess is that one of the autos is on a card, and the other is on a ball, glove or other. The only thing kinda lacking in this set is the plain relics, so there are four of those.

So my system was to grab three consecutive boxes. cranky gave me half off of the third box, so not a bad deal. There was already one pack gone, so that leaves five left. I grabbed three consecutive boxes. Why three in a row? I have to assume that they are not going to stick an autograph directly next to another autograph, and if I start grabbing random packs then I could miss the autograph collation. Thus three boxes in a row.

My guess is that I will pull 2 relics and an auto out of this purchase. A little experiment to be sure, so stand by for the results!


  1. Nice formula, and let me be the first to welcome you to the self-imposed allowance club! Didn't see three boxes of Sweet Spot coming... but at that price perhaps you should've considered a tin of '07! You would've gotten two relics, one 'sweet spot' auto and one of those mini helmet autos guaranteed.

    Looking forward to the break. Here's hoping for three straight Yanks.

  2. Yankees are guaranteed with those stupid yankee highlight cards.

    No 2007 tins at this shop. He is way to cranky to sell those.