Thursday, September 17, 2009

Big Brother - Gas Bag Edition!

I will admit that one of my wife and I's guilty pleasure each summer is watching "Big Brother". This show is not exactly though provoking, and often times leads to many eye rolls, shaking heads and disbelief on how some of these people ever get on tv. The fact remains that there is not much to watch in the summer, and this show wins hands down against such dribble as "wipeout" which I believe appeals to the lowest common denominator in entertainment...watching people do stupid stunts, with stupid commentary, and just basically looking...stupid. Big Brother appeals to the SECOND lowest common denominator in entertainment :)

Anyways, we watched the finale the other night and it gave me the idea of creating a post of my ideal "gas bags, or can't stand them" persona's, including celebrities and sports athletes that I would love to throw together in a house together for three months and watch interact. Here are my top five "celebrities".... Carrot Top just plain freaks me out. Seeing a ripped Carrot Top REALLY freaks me out. Being trapped in a house with Carrot Top for three months would just plain terrify me.

Gilbert Gottfried. Has been scaring the heck out of me since growing up watching "Up All Night" on USA. "Problem Child" did not help to ease my anxiety.

Michael Savage. Listening to this radio personality for just five minutes will be enough to raise you blood pressure by double. I have never heard such hatred spewed on air. If Michael had his way, he would nuke em' all!

Alright, probably a controversial pick here, but I grew up a Letterman and Conan man, and I am sticking to it. Jay just always seemed a bit too scripted for me and his gift of ad-lib was definitely off target on "Sunday Night Football" this week.

I think Joan Rivers pretty much goes without saying.
Here are my six athletes to throw in there with them!

"That's my quarterback!" I think the media is making a BIT too much out of his press conference about the Bills, most likely taken out of context, but I guarantee that if TO does not get his next week, then the meltdown will begin.

Wow, tiny picture. Sorry. Again, a big controversial choice, but Jordan appeared to have drank a little too much of his own kool-aid during his HOF speech. He is still the best there ever was, but I don't think his ego would flex to anybody in this house.

Brett Favre. Don't even get me started. I am NOT amused by his television and radio ads mocking himself for flip-flopping. I am NOT impressed with him throwing the Jets under the bus this week, and I am NOT impressed with him calling out the Green Bay faithful by saying "if you are a true Green Bay fan, you will understand why I am doing this". I am NOT impressed that Brett thinks that he might have a broken rib. Hmm, you think if he starts throwing ducks at inopportune times, that he will blame it on his ribs? All garbage. Throw him in the Big Brother house and let Carrot Top get a few jabs in.

You can almost feel the lighter atmosphere in San Francisco these days. I would throw in Barry and that ridiculous trainer of his that is constantly in the slammer for not cooperating with authorities on the Bonds investigation.

Could have gone the Andy Pettitte route. Didn't. Instead decided to throw everybody else under the bus around him while proclaiming his innocence.
So there are my top 10! I know some of you won't agree on these choices, but remember this is just for fun. If you would like to add some personalities that you think would fit into the Gas Bag Big Brother house, feel free to comment!


  1. The only female on the show is 70-something. That would be kinda scary.

  2. I thought about Kanye for sure. With LeGarrett Blunt, Serena Williams, that dude that shouted out "liar" to President Obama, and then Kanye, it just seems to manners don't exist much these days.

  3. Agreed with your thoughts on Leno. I thought I was all alone on the Letterman bandwagon...

    Other people I'd throw into the mix:

    1) Any kid from those hollywood shows (Spencer, Heidi, those types)
    2) Kanye
    3) Curt Schilling