Saturday, September 19, 2009

Sweet Spot Pack Rip #3

Okay, to bring you up to speed on my "Law of Three" theory, I have now pulled one auto (kinda) and one really sweet patch card. According to the law, I should now pull my boring old jersey swatch and call it a day...

Rich Harden
Johan Santana
Dan Uggla.

Here again we come to the magic card#4. Once again there is a thick piece of cardboard waiting for me. This one has to be the dummy card, as I am due a jersey swatch. Maybe it will be of a classic player though. Yeah, thats it, a Babe Ruth Jersey swatch. Who am I kidding, I will get stuck with a Melky Cabrera or something. Anyways, lets slide to the next card...

WHOA! I hath defied the odds and pulled the second of two autographs out of the Sweet spots box! I was wrong about the Law of Three, but I was right about one auto being on an object. Here we have a D-Train numbered to an odd 174. The smudges you see on the ball are not from the scanner, they are actually dirt spots on the left and upper-right side.

I know that Dontrelle has pretty much fallen off of the scene but I would not give up on him yet. He suffers from anxiety, which sounds silly, but as a fellow sufferer of anxiety (started with blood clots in my lungs last summer...another story for another day) I understand how anxiety hits you at weird times and messes up your breathing, and makes you feel weak and tired. Sometimes it can be hard to control to, so I kinda feel for the guy. Either way, any hard-signed baseball is cool by me.

We finish up with Oswalt, Jon Papelbon (for my binder), the Great Gazoo, and another ridiculous Stadium Legacy. Okay, so I jumped on Beckett and looked into this set. Firstly, each card is priced ridiculously high, but not as ridiculous as the fact that there are over 6600 of these cards! Smooth one Upper Deck. Just the sheer uploading of these cards almost crashed my computer, but that is partially Becketts fault. I do respect Mattingly a good deal though and it is too bad that this game had to be a win over my Red Sox, but what are you gunna do?
As always, if you see a base card you dig, let me know. I am not going to put my hits completely off limits either, so contact me if you want to swing a deal. Enjoy the weekend folks!


  1. Are the Mattingly and Wetteland cards available? I need both for my YSL set. Let me know.

  2. The D-Train what would you like for it??

  3. They also screwed him up by changing his arm slot, that is a no-no, to me if he would have kept the high leg kick and kept his arm tucked close to his body like he throws naturally he would be better off even with the anxiety.