Saturday, September 19, 2009

Sweet Spot Pack 2 Results

Okay, so to the point I have already pulled the expected auto (kinda), so I am fully bracing myself for the rather plain jersey swatches...

Aaron Harang
Justin Morneau
Vlad the Impaler
Erik Bedard

He comes the hit. Now with Sweet Spot they have the multiple security devices so that you never really know what you are going to end up with. These are completely pack-search proof. So in each pack there is a 1/4 thick piece of either a card, or a dummy cardboard block (which work really nicely to pad cards for packing, by the way. Well this one turned out to be an actual 1/4 inch thick card, and was definitely more than I was expecting!

A Johan Santana #4/25 patch card! The obvious flaw in this card is that has Johan labeled as a Met when this patch piece is clearly from his Minnesota Jersey. this represents my first patch card and has stitching everywhere, bringing the three colors together seamfully (hehe). Due to scarcity, there is no source out there to give me a value on this card, so I am just going to list it at a MILLION dollar. Hit of a lifetime! Well, probably not, but hey, out of 25 isnt to shabby!

Then of course you have your typical Yankee scum (yes the Rodriguez card lists him as a Yankee on the back). Poor Griffey got thrown in with these dudes. This card comes with a caveat though...if you look closely you will notice that the Yankees lost this game, and most likely Wetteland did not even see any action in this game. What is UP with these cards?
Maybe I should start a collection of all of the Yankee loss cards?

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