Friday, September 18, 2009

eBay Shenanagins

Will somebody please explain this to me?

I mean, I understand these "Hot Pack" sellers because there certain ways to feel a pack, or you have mathmatically eliminated "non-hit" packs or the such...but how in blazes can you guarantee that there is a gold parallel refractor in a pack. I am baffled by this one...

Feedback please!


  1. I believe, they press real hard on the transparent plastic and go card by card of the pack. I say because before I got my Beckham I was searching ebay and one of them actually photoed the Beckham card through the plastic so you knew it was in there.

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  3. It is pretty simple to open a pack and reseal it if you have any talent at all in the scamming business.

  4. according to the seller it is factory sealed. If Chris' comment is correct, then it would lead you to believe that the seller knows exactly what card is in that pack. Is the foil really that transparent?

  5. Just because it is factory sealed means NOTHING.

    A lot of scam sellers RESEAL the packs an then claim the packs to be factory sealed.

    Never, NEVER, buy from anyone who sells hot packs.

    They are usually your local pack searcher extraordinaires who have nothing else to do in mommy's basement.

  6. just look at the picture you posted... you can see the top card right through the wrapper. That's one good thing Upper Deck does- their mylar wrappers are opaque. Well, except for the Philadelphia ones. They're totally see through. I bought one with Matt Ryan showing on the top so now I'm a cheech too. The shame! It was worth it for Matty Ice.