Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I really have never had the intention of writing so much about the Red Sox pitching. There are a couple of fellas that are on my phenom report watch list that make it up here every few days, but it's getting harder and harder NOT to write about my team when everything just seems to be falling into place for another (GASP) World Series run. I have seen some really good signs in the last week or so, most notably the increased pitching efficiency. You will remember my split-stats from August where the hitting was up and the pitching was down. Well, now the hitting is up and the pitching is much, much, much improved and as a result, the Sox have given up a grand total of two, TWO runs in their last 4 games. The Byrd man is taking the mound tonight and that could all change quickly, but who honestly thought that Dice-K would come out slinging as well as he did last night?
I am not going to make this an official "Phenom Report" line, but lets just say the Dice-Man went 7 full, allowed 0 runs and only issue 3 BB's. And don't discredit the bullpen either, they have also held serve and protected the lead.

The bats? Looking good as well. Everybody seems in a groove and they are working hard to give the starting pitchers a lead to ease the anxiety a bit. Could it be another deep run for the Red Sox?

I am also playing a bit of catch-up with my postings. I think that I have been increasingly disappointed with my Topps Football Magic pack rips and just decided to jettison the daily scans. I will do a summary of the best cards at weeks end, but for now I would rather talk baseball.

I received a letter in the mail from Chris OK in New York. Chris is a reader of my blog who took a moment to check into my Topps Chrome needs. He was able to knock three cards off of my needs list. I AM DOWN TO JUST A FEW CARDS TO COMPLETE THE SET! If anybody happens to have any of the remaining few cards, can you please let me know and we can work a trade?

Here the cards sent...

Paul Konerko, Phil Coke (does this guy seriously only have one photo? It is the same in about eight brands). and then dearly departed Justi Masterson...but what a trade that is turning out to be! That Konerko card is a classic, you really need to click on it to zoom in and check out the ghost image of AJ in the background, totally stealing Paul's thunder. A sweet little card.

Chris, please let me know if you need any cards. I think the part that amazed me the most with your package is that you were able to send it with just one 44 cent stamp. Truly amazing!

On Sunday my wife decided to surprise me with a couple packs of cards from Target. Of course, not knowing what to grab, she got me a couple of packs of O-Suck-E, certainly not one of my favorites due to the cheesy images, fake "school photo" backdrops and general all around suckiness. BUT I am always to have a pack or two to open, so was very greatful, AND she grabbed a pack that hit pay dirt (for me anyways)

Big Papi Face of the Franchise! Of the many insert sets, this is the only "not sucky" insert set, and I love this card. Not surprisingly, Big Papi was followed up immediately with...

Well go figure, and it is a black-bordered short print to boot. Joe, this baby is all yours.
Here are a couple of other notables from the two packs:

Snell is borderline phenom, I am keeping a wary eye on his progress. Cahill will find a home in my "file and pray" prospects and rookies box.
Thank you to my beautiful wife Stacy for supporting my strange little hobby.
Thats about it for now. Again, please take a look at my chrome needs, and also remember that I am sitting on about 13 Topps 2009 Heritage Short Prints that are looking for the right homes if you need them for your set!

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  1. Glad you got them, that was my first send out, so I was a little worried it wouldn't make it. I'm also working on the Chrome set and I got my need list up on my blog, please take a look, any help would be appreciated. Thanks for the shout out, it was fun seeing me mention on someone else's blog.