Saturday, September 12, 2009

Do You Believe in Magic?

All week long I pondered what I wanted to purchase for my second consecutive week of "one pack a day". I thought about continuing on with my Topps Heritage pack pulls, but in the back of my mind I kept thinking about football season (0-1 so far on my pigskin pick em) and thought that this would be a great week to grab some of the Topps Magic football cards that I have heard so much about. I am a big fan of Turkey Reds, and from what I have heard and seen, these cards seem to follow that style a little bit.

I checked in with Cranky man's shop and asked him the specs on the packs. Apparently their are three auto cards to be had per box. I believe there are 20 packs in a box, so I quickly snagged five of these (five in a row, near the middle of the box for you "hit" searching technique specialists out there). I also snagged one pack of Philadelphia simply because I hear it is the bomb and would like to check it out. So this will be the rip theme of the week. I am going to be ordering up two boxes of Goodwin Champions on Monday, so in future weeks I will be heading back into baseball, but for now, are you ready for some football? I decided to start with the pack of Philadelphia for tonight's rip.Retro cards are my latest craze, as demonstrated with my sudden Heritage this seems like a good place to start.

Michael "Burner" Turner - When you look at Turner's final numbers from last season, you really don't have much to complain about. The only problem is how hit-and-miss he was depending on the defensive capabilities of the opponent. Hot one week and ice cold the next. Not a lot of softballs on the Falcons schedule this season either. They draw the AFC East. I would keep my eye on Jerious Norwood to steal some of Turner's thunder.
Chansi Stuckey. Going to be a tough run. This team lives the AFC East!

Dhani Jones - Pass
Chad Ocho Cinco - I followed Chad Johnson back when he played for Oregon State. There is no doubting his talent, but his antics and ridiculous name changes make me glad that Bengals games rarely make it to television out here in O-Re-Gon. Carson Palmer has been hurt all pre-season as well, so I don't expect Cincy to be the feel good story of the year.

Mario Williams - On the other hand, I do expect Houston to be the feel-good story of the year. Fans were beside themselves when Mario was drafted #1, a full day ahead of the scheduled start of the draft. I think Houston is putting it all together as long as Shaub and Andre Johnson stay healthy this year.
Reggie Bush - And here is the number 2 pick. I don't really understand how Reggie has underachieved on this high-scoring squad, but he has found a way and now Pierre Thomas is stealing carries even with Deuce out of the picture.

So is this Vietnam card the retro themed card that the pack advertises? Seems pretty out of place here.
Oh cool, a mini! This is a Clinton Portis blue-backed mini. I never really know what to think about the Redskins. They tend to fly under the radar every pre-season and then you are either amazed or dismayed by the results. Portis is a solid play though, and worth keeping an eye on if he can stay healthy.
So there is my one pack of Philadelphia. I am not particularly attached to any of these cards, so if anything interests you, feel free to let me know and we'll see what we can work out!
Go Seahawks!

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