Monday, September 7, 2009

2008 Heritage Pack #4 and Highlights of the Day

Today is Labor Day and we are all happy to have an extra day off this weekend. Unfortunately, none of the family feels that well today. As I write this it is almost 2:00 and I am still in pajama's and a sweatshirt. In my defense, EVERYBODY was in pajamas until just about half hour ago. I am straggling a little bit. Our big mission for the day is to walk to Safeway to buy bread. I need to save my strength.

Here is pretty much the day so far...

6:00 am - Jacoby wakes up. Stacy is already out on the sofa since she was coughing all night, so I get out of bed and stagger downstairs to grab the kid. He is already standing up in the crib and ready to rock and roll. Normally mornings are also times for him to leave us a little "surprise". Phew, no surprise yet, but he sure does not smell good. Oh well, my only goal at this point is to take him upstairs into bed and hope to at least get back to sleep until it is light outside.

7:30 - Success! Stacy has joined me and Jacoby and each of us passes out until now. About this time I realize that there is a lot of day games today and need to hit the computer and sub in my guys for the first week of the playoffs. My strategy is only hope of winning this week is to hope that my opponent is camping somewhere and does not have anybody subbed in. Other than that I am screwed. Every season I have a great team that magically falls apart all at once in the playoffs. This year is no different.

8:15 - Let's rip my daily pack! My wife points out that if I rip the pack so early, I will have nothing to do for the rest of the day! She is truly enjoying watching me squirm on my self-imposed pack-rip sentence. I make up some excuse about having other cards to scan, blah blah blah, and excitedly tear into pack#3.

10:03 - In our first attempt to put Jacoby down for a nap we excitedly flip on the TV to catch a little "Price is Right". Its a stay at home tradition. WHAT? US Opens womens tennis? Balderdash!

10:07-11:00 - Catch the last hour of Hoosiers on Versus, or Fuse or some crazy guys network. I noticed recently that we a ton of new HD stations, and most of them are sports channels, with a sprinkling of VH1 and MTV as well.

Did you know that Slider from Top Gun was in Hoosiers? That's my revelation of the day. He was Dennis Hopper's (Shooter?) son. Gave his Dad mad props for successfully running the picket fence and the expense of the opponent. Of course anybody can run the picket fence with Jimmy Chitwood running around the fence and popping for two.

11:05 - Time for some Red Sox baseball....uh oh, is that Buehrle on the mound. Balderdash! Jacoby Ellsbury scores in the first, and Sox lose.

1:30 - Success! After a month of failed attempts, I have finally convinced my wife to try a stick of Heritage bubble gum. This is my second highlight of the day. Stacy actually looked at her watch and determined that the gum has a life span of exactly 33 seconds!

1:47 - Stacy is excited to watch "Days of Our Lives" only to be disappointed by PGA golf!

2:02 - This part is kinda gross, but I came home on Thursday and discovered that have have a slight sugar ant invasion in the kitchen. We scrubbed everything down but have discovered that a nest must be somewhere behind our dishwasher. I went and got some of that Terrot (the poison, not the fortune telling cards) and have started placing little traps on the window sill. I tore off little pieces of a Joe Wolf Basketball card. It was pretty second there was no ants and then the next thing you know there is a ring of them each ponying up to the bar to take back a little poison to the nest. Yesterday there were far less and today there are even fewer, in fact I no longer see any more than two at a time up there. I have lovingly called them "Cliff and Norm". I have also gotten really strict with any ant outside of the window zone. If they are caught in the neutral zone, they are one dead ant. I almost feel like Bill Murray in Caddyshack.

So there you are, all caught up on my day...lets get to that pack shall we?

Michael Young - Still solid in Texas. According to card, has had 4 consecutive 200 hit seasons at shortstop, actually 5 in a row, but played 2nd base on that first season.

Lastings Milledge - I swear I pull more of Milledge than any other player.

Ian Kinsler - Gotta be careful tossing around too many Ranger compliments, bad mojo. Still though, good player, good team.

Dave Roberts - As I mentioned yesterday, these older cards don't reflect important stats like save and steals. Only one steal in his career matters to me.

Adam Dunn - Just MASHES the ball. Four straight seasons of 40+ homers and is currently 5 away from a 5th straight season.

George Posada - Well, my Yankee pulling prowess continues, so far in three packs I have 3 yankees and 0 Red Sox...Why did I say three?
Robby Cano! Of course, why stop at one Yankee in this pack. I guess this is a SP though.
Brian Fuentes - As is this one. two SP's on one pack this time. I am starting to consider this set more and more.


  1. We bought our house as a short sale, which means it'd be sitting for probably 5 or 6 months with nobody in it (and it'd probably been even longer since anyone had cared for it), and as we plow through each room painting, scrubbing, building, etc., we seem to have bothered the critters in the walls and/or outside. Every other day or so we notice ants somewhere. Getting a bit old but there are just a few unsprayed recesses left!

    I've got a nice little pile of filler cards from my Heroes box, your idea of a card as a poison trap is a good one...

  2. You used a Joe Wolf card as an ant trap, if it was any other card I might be impressed but Joe Wolf, now that is just too sacred to rip up. See my dad actually taught him swimming lessons growing up and so I like to think that if it wasn't for my dad he might have never lived long enough to actually appear on that card that you decided to mangle for the sake of ant termination. Hopefully you have rid yourself of the ants.

  3. minus Norm and Cliff, I think so :)

  4. i have allot of cards from that set.....let me know!