Sunday, September 6, 2009

2008 Heritage "Two-Fer" Pack #2

Here are the results of my "Two-Fer" Sunday rip. I can honestly say that those other five packs seem to be taunting me to open them. They are extra tempting because, unlike many of the packs these days that are very expensive and only contain a few cards, this pack is quite plump with eight cards guaranteed (well, mostly guaranteed unless I 1) pull an auto or a relic, thus defying the massive odds against it) and 2) fall out of my chair and giggle maniacally on the floor ala Homer Simpson. Oh and did I mention the guaranteed gum hit?? It is going to be a long week!
Here are the cards from pack #2

Randy Johnson - Technically I could whine about pulling another Yankee, but I think that I will give the Big Unit a free pass because I don't truly believe he really liked being in New York from day one and his brush with the madness that is the New York media. He came in, did his time, and got the heck outta dodge and now is playing the mentor out in SF with the surprising Giants. I am looking over his Strikout Stats from 1999-2002 when he surpassed 300 Strikouts for four consecutive years. Phenomenal.

Brett Myers - Has a ring, not much else to say. Rings are cool.

Francisoco Cordero - One flaw that I am starting is starting to stand out to me in these old style cards is the lack of stats for saves. While innings pitched clearly indicates that the player is a bullpen guy, there is no saves column.

Chris Duffy - Apparently is in the Brewers farm system these days?
Eric Byrnes - I got nothing.
Kelvin Escobar - According to the card, Kelvim struck out 14 batters in 6 innings on 6/12/07... further research reveals that this was not enough to hold off Josh Hamilton and the Cincinnati Reds in a 5-3 loss.

The Kitchen Debate - Okay it is way too late to break this down, but apparently two stubborn politicians met in a kitchen (it's always a kitchen, isn't it?) and had an "extemporaneous" debate. Too late and too tired to look this word up, but I have visions of the old 80's video game "Food Fight" drifting around in my head.
Josh Hamilton - The man of the pack, and thanks to some previous questions answered, apparently Josh is a short print as well.
More rips tomorrow!

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