Sunday, September 6, 2009

2008 Topps Heritage Pack #1

So here we go with my first of "Two-Fer" Sunday 2008 Topps Heritage Packs.

First off is the gum. I swear this gum looks much better than the 2009 gum. I still can't get my wife to eat any of it though.
Matt Cain - He is a borderline phenom in my collection, so this is a good start.
Jimmy's All-Stars - Last year this card would not really resonate much. This year! Three pieces of the Buc's fire sale. I hold all three of these guys in high regard and am thrilled that they got a chance to move elsewhere to make a name for themselves.
Question #1 - Are these considered parallels or are they regular set?
Delmon Young - Little brother Delmon, who exploded on the scene with Tampa a few years back. Again, he is sucked into that Minnesota vortex, so I really don't know how he is doing these days.
JJ Putz - I know how he is doing these days!

Question #2 - Ankiels Card has a black number on the back instead of the regular Christmas green and red, what is that all about?
Rick Ankiel - What a cool story. If you start pitching like Nuke LaLuche, re-invent yourself and jump back into the scene. Great story.
Anthony Reyes - Oof...2-14 in his rookie season with the Cards? Topps chalks it up to lack of run support, but failed to mentioned that he would have needed six or more runs in support!

Brad Lidge - Another black square number on the back. Not much to say here. He has a ring. Much respect
Oh heck! Of COURSE I have to pull a Yankee card. It is my MO. I gotta say though, since there are only 10 cards in this series, I guess I should feel fortunate considering these are retail packs, and the Eddie Mathews is a piece of class, but A-Rod? Ugg.
Initially impressions: Dangit. I am really starting to like the look of this set already. I joined this hobby one year too late and already feel like this set would be a nice one to collect.
Oh, almost forgot...Question #3 - When I look up this series in Beckett, they include the High Number additional series in the set. I am going to finish 2009 Heritage come hell or high water, so if I don't chase the High Numbers coming out I then have an incomplete set again?

For those sharp eyes out there, you may have noticed TWO pieces of gum in that first shot. you caught me, I have already ripped the second pack of "Two-Fer" Sunday. What treasure does it hold? Hang tight, I will post later today! CLIFFHANGER!* (except for those of you that collected this set two years ago and have already seen these cards a billion times).


  1. I have always considered high number a second set. I guess it depends on how you look at it.

  2. The black back cards are a parallel. There is a small subset of cards that are available in both green and black backs. The green backs are semi short prints... Let me know if you decide to collect this...

  3. hmm, if this is the case, then getting several short prints out of a couple retail packs seems more manageable than finding them in the 2009 Heritage. So far anyways.