Tuesday, July 21, 2009

This Is What Happens When You Try To Be Suave...

Nick and I finally got the big Ginter Solution site up and running today. But if you were there at the officially launch time (and I know a couple of you that were) what you saw was part of the solution, and then nothing, and then something, and then nothing! Then you saw the last piece of the puzzle first. It was all very "Pulp Fiction". Roooyyyallle with cheese!

So here is what I learned today. Never try to be too hip, or it will bite you every time.

Nick and I were working dilligently all morning on editing, re-editing, and making sure that the steps make sense. I am not certain that they really do, but at the very least it should put to rest the complaints that the code was too easy this year, because it definitely was a mind bender for sure and I tip my cap to the writer. I just picture the dude from "A Beautiful Mind" writing Ginter code all over the windows. Crazy stuff.

Anyways, once we were done we decided to release the website link and an "open the curtains" moment at 2 pm pacific. "Should we just publish it now" asked Nick? "Nah
I said "Lets build up a little buzz"

And buzz we got as there were several hundred hits within the first 10 minutes, with one small problem...The pages were all out of order and I kept having to delete and repost them. I am sure it made for a great read...if you were DRUNK!

I learned this about Blogspot...it will only let you post one post every 7 minutes and 34 seconds (by my estimation). One second earlier or later and the page posts out of order. It was mind boggling and frustrating and I learned a ton about HTML coding in the next hour. No much for the big release! It's amazing that I can even put my shoes on the same feet some days.

Anyways, the site is actually working correctly now and all the pages are even in order, so if you would like to take a look click here , and if it seems like a bunch of gibberish, let me know and I would be happy to answer any questions!


  1. Reading about the code was like figuring out a code in itself. Somewhat appropriate. At least that's what I told myself after getting halfway through before being stranded for a half hour!!

    I figured that's what it must've felt like for you two every time you hit a wall. Again, somewhat appropriate.

    Thanks for wasting pretty much every single hour I was at work today... and congrats again!

  2. Great job. That makes the Andrew McCutchen puzzle I solved look like child's play. Congrats!!

  3. Thanks Brian. I am glad you enjoyed the prize.