Thursday, July 23, 2009

Storage Help?

Hi everybody,

I just have a curious question about storage of cards (once again). Here is the deal. when it comes to main sets (like Topps Flagship and A&G) I am using penny sleeves on all cards and then a card box for each.

I think have a box for dups for each set etc. When I buy random wax, I have a box with labels for different teams and file accordingly (some with penny sleeeves depending on the play). I then have my box of rookies and prospects that i'll never hear about again.

My question is this. My quality cards, like my Babe Ruth SP, Jackie Robinson SP, Jacoby Rookie, Dustin Rookie, cards like that right now I have in hard cases, but the boxes are not wide enough, or tall enough to store hard sleeves in, so I feel that I never get a chance to look at my most prized cards since they are just buried in a shoe box.

Is it a horrible idea to put these into a binder in Ultra sleeves, or whatever they are called? So take them out of hard case? Do they make 3-ring hard case sleeves (you know, big enough to slip a hard case into.

I just feel that whats the point on keeper cards if I dont ever get to look at them without digging them out. Thoughts?

One more question. I have a few auto cards that I have in the Ultra Soft Sleeves. Is this a bad idea also. They seem pretty protected in there. Help a noob out please?

Oh, oh! one more question STILL! The A&G relics and autos that I pulled in my boxes, Since they are framed, are they considered protected so dont need a sleeve, or should each of THOSE be in soft or hard sleeves also? Thanks guys!

Random Late Edit: Looking at Ebay for a much sought after Gallardo rookie card, I stumbled upon a Gallardo bowman card with this beauty of a description...



  1. You can get white shoe boxws with the pull off lids that fit the hard cases. They have two or more dividers in them. That's what I use for my '62 set. If you ask for a 3200 ct. box that is the one you'll get, I think. I use binders for most of my cards. I like to look through my collection so I only use the white shoes for the cards I never intend on seeing again. I have all my sets in binders and I have one for my player collections and four of them for my Cubs collection. Now I just need to find something to store all of that in.

  2. so in your opinion, binder sheets protect cards well enough (autos include) that as long as I am careful, I wont need a hard case for more valuable cards?

  3. I keep my sets in binders. I'd rather risk a little wear and tear (though I'm really careful) and be able to enjoy the cards instead of keeping them under lock and key and never seeing/enjoying them.

  4. For the longest time I kept ALL relics and autos in a lock box... LOL! Yeah, that's how valuable I thought they were. And they were all in screw down holders, too. What was I thinking?!

    I have a shoebox sized box with two rows that fit plastic toploaders, in which I keep certified autos and relics. I have albums for sets and TTM autos. The rest, for now, are in team boxes with "good" players in penny sleeves. I need to find a better way to display them and be able to look at them, but because I buy so many different types of cards across all years and brands it's impossible to keep them organized - and I like keeping things in line at least by year. I don't want to have to constantly shuffle cards in a binder.

  5. I use a binder for any team sets that I am "activly pursuing". I use a shoebox like Griz76 mentions for all of my misc Red Sox team cards that don't go in the binder. I have a 4 row box that has dividers for each year. Special/expensive cards go in top loaders in the shoebox even if I have the team set in my binder. (I can't see putting a Yaz RC unprotected in a binder) I put my top loaders in a team bag though so that they don't get all scratched up rubbing aginst each other. That may be a good idea for your A&G relic/auto cards. Eventually they will get scratched if they are not protected.

    There is a way to store cards in a binder in protectors. If you get one of the small click lock cases it will fit in a vintage card sleeve. You have to cram it in there the first time. And you have to start fromt he bottom row, you will see why if you try it.

  6. Well, this is all pretty good info. My thoughts were that I found a binder of cards that had been though packing and repacking and heat and cold for many years, and this spring when I took some of them out of there sleeves, there were still very nice and crisp.

    And the sleeves they had back in the early 90's were not nearly as nice as they have out today. I would like think that I can get away with sticking my yovani auto, cueto auto, ruth, all of those guys in the sleeves and not have to worry too much as long as I am careful. Right now they just get buried and I dont want to misplace them.

  7. Just don't tape them to notebooks like my father did with his cards. Bad idea.

  8. I usually put all my autos in a penny sleeve then insert them in Pocket Pages in a binder. For my higher end auto's I built a display to put them in that hangs on the wall or sits on a counter. The relics, well unless it is a "high end" relic I just stuff them in a pocket.... As far as commons go, I sort them by team and put them in a 3200 count box. I also always save the white pack fillers, so if I have a thicker card I will stuff this into the page first to stretch it and then the thicker card with a penny sleeve will slip right in with out damage. I am like you, I dont want to store them, I want to go right to them and show them off or just look at them, the binders to me make this easy.

  9. ah, so stretch the pocket to be able to fit a penny sleeve. that sounds interesting too.