Friday, July 24, 2009

Reaching Out For Collectors Wisdom

If you read my blog yesterday, you may have noticed that I had the opportunity to have a conversation with the CEO Jacoby about future collections. While teetering back and forth between trying out basketball or football to shake up my collecting a bit, I initially leaned towards basketball.

I have done a bit of research and there seems to be a lot of anti-basketball sentiment going on in regards to product licensing. Some also feel that the collections are virtually worthless and it is a dying hobby.

I have not had the opportunity to delve too deep into the football option yet, but I notice a significant amount of bloggers in this community also seem to collect football cards or at least have a passing interest in them.

So I reach out to the community to help me make the right choice. Football or Basketball. The answer could also be a resounding NEITHER (which is probably what my wife will respond if she sees this blog. Here are my criteria:

Set: Looking to compile an entire base set
Price: this is considered an alternate while I put my pennies away for 2010 baseball
Value: Lets be honest here, while we all collect for favorite players etc, what not be thrilled to snag a card or auto that will appreciate over time?
"Hits". Auto's relics, insert sets...which is better.
Product: At this point I am either considering Topps Basketball or Topps Football.

Thanks for your thoughts. Discuss!


  1. If you HAVE to pick one of the two, I'd go football. As for what specifically, I couldn't tell ya. Every now and then I get an itch for football cards but never purchase anything other than the occasional pack from Target, and I always immediately lose interest in them.

  2. I collect a lot of football. Everything from Upper Deck base to Press Pass Legends. I enjoy it, as does my wife, who loves watching football.(I couldn't get her to watch baseball if my life depended on it, especially now that Francoeur has been traded)
    Anyways, I do no know a single basketball collector, in person, or on the blogs, besides Offy. There are a couple who collect '70's and early '80s stuff...
    My two cents... go football....

  3. Between the two, I'd say football (but I only collect baseball so that's really my vote)! That said, I've always been under the impression that football and basketball were much more "hit" drivin than baseball...I don't see many people putting together complete football or basketball sets like I do with baseball (but that could be a by product of me mostly reading baseball specific blogs too...) Yeah, I'm pretty sure I'm not much help now that I think about it.

  4. If you guys could get two 36 pack boxes/8 cards a pack with a base set of 330 and guaranteed 3 hits per box for $100 total, would that change your vote to basketball?

  5. Wouldn't change my vote, but only because I don't like football and basketball equally. If you do, then I'd go with the boxes with more hits - and that seems to be basketball in this case.

  6. heres a voice from the basketball side

    former baseball (90-91) and basketball (95-98) collector that just got back into baseball this year

    id go with basketball since i think the 09-10 topps/upper deck sets will be quite loaded with both companies unloading their swatch/sticker inventories

    i read somewhere that ud basketball will have 3 hot boxes per case with each pack in the box containing a gu or an auto, but after seeing some of the series 2 baseball hot boxes (less than underwhelming), im not as intrigued as i mightve been