Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Mail Day!

No better feeling that coming home to a nice brown envelope in the mail! This one came with a special surprise from the USPS:No better feeling that coming home to a nice brown envelope in the mail! This one came with a special surprise from the USPS: yup, that right, I owe the postman 55 cents for these cards! I have never seen anything like this, I just assume that they send it back to you insufficient funds, but the mailman cowboyed up and got me the cards. So how does this work? Can I put 55 pennies in the envelope? Do I mail it in? What happens if it "accidentally disappears"? The back of the envelope is no help at all. It simply states "buckle up and drive safely" Oooooookkkkkkay! Thanks USPS!

Anyways, this package comes from Chris at Project 62'. Chris and I had some heavy, heavy negotiations over the last few weeks regarding cubs relics versus phenom autos. We eventually came to agreement and this little dandy came my direction!
Homer Bailey!..............(crickets). Okay, so the guy got lit up and only lasted 2.2 innings tonight. To be quite honest I had no idea that he was even called up at all, so surely he got called up for SOME reason. Maybe not exactly a phenom at this point, but he's got a rockin name, so I welcome him all the same.

This is a prime example of the perfect use of gold parallels, give em to those who want them the most. This Cueto parallel is perfect and I am always happy to add an additional Gallardo to my collection. He is my favorite and the hunt continues for his rookie card.

Cubbie fans LOVE Ryan Braun! Love to send em across the Rocky Mountains that is. I most am collecting pitchers, but I truly believe that Braun has that special something needed to make a run at the home run record some day. So I am happy to hang on to his cards.
Thanks again Chris. Please let me know when you receive your Ramirez Jersey card. I KNOW that one got mailed last week.
Thanks again!


  1. Hey, I got the Ramirez card. I didn't even have to pay my mailman extra for it! I'm not sure why that happened. The place I use for mailing uses an electric scale and I've never had that happen before. I hope the extra Cueto card made up for the 55 cent bill.

  2. don't worry about it! I am more amused than anything. I forgot to stick his envelope in the mail yesterday and also this morning yet the mail keeps on coming. Maybe he deserves an Enron mini card.

  3. LOL.. Hoodwinks and Hoaxes: correct postage