Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Target Games!

So today after work I decided to pop into Target. I had heard that Ginter was out in blasters, so I figured this would be a good way to attack the base cards. Sure enough they were there and I had one in my hands, but I know that there is a lot of trade opportunity out there right now, and I probably would just pull more duplicates and triplicates that I will never get rid of, so I talked myself out of it.

I also looked at a UD Icons blaster, but their stuff is so hit and miss with me. So I stumbled on something that looked like a lot of fun. It was a 15 pack "mystery set" valued at $9.99. I thought it would be fun to see what random packs were involved, but then thought better of it and figured those 15 packs were lumped together for a reason. HOWEVER, right next to it I found this beauty...

the images turned out tiny, but basically this little beauty (at $12.99) states that there are 4 mystery packs and ONE auto card. The back states the obvious, that there is no guarantee you will receive an auto as pictured on the Howard, no Wright.....NO PROBLEM. Plus how fun is it to not even know what card products you will receive. Here were the packs included:

a 2007 Topps Updates and Highlights
a 2006 Upper Deck Series 2
2 packs of 2006 Fleer.

here is the break

Updates and Highlights:

Jon Papelbon!
Steve Trachsel
Hiram Bocachica???
Jorge Cantu (Reds)
Alex Rodriguez Road To 500 #391
Scott Feldmen

Upper Deck Series 2

Gary Majewski
Skip Schumaker
Reggie Abercrombie RC
Bob Howry
Rich Aurilia (Reds)
Run Producers Mark Teixeira (Tex)

Fleer Pack #1

Jake Peavy
JD Drew
Huston Street
Jeff Kent
Juan Pierre
Bartolo Colon
Jonny Gomes
Billy Wagner
Todd Helton
Clint Barmes

Pack #2

AJ Pierzynski
Jason Varitek!
Joey "Oh So' Devine
Aubrey Huff
Andrew Jones (Braves)
Jeff Harris RC
Aaron Rakers RC
Ivan Rodriguez
Brett Myers
Chase Utley

How about that big Auto??

INKREDIBLE! Zach Miner. Hmm...well....hmmm. All of these cards are up for trade. It was fun though...

BUT, why not have a little more fun I thought to myself. There was an open retail box of A&G, looked freshly opened so I decided to be that know the one...the guy that feels the packs to find the hits, even though it was a retail set and there probably wasnt even one in there. It was more of a game than anything else. Mr Ginter Code himself, seer of all seers, prognosticter of prognosticaters, can leap buildings in a single bound....anyways, I felt out the packs and picked out 3 that felt decidedly thicker and more firm than the others. So how did I do?

Pack #1

Jay Bruce (needed this card)

Brian Roberts

Dice K

Andy laRoche

Navarro Mini

Carlos Beltran NP


Pack #2

Cueto Mini (good)



Kenny the beard man

Curtis Granderson SP

Kosuke Fukudome Np


Pack #3

Andy Pettitte Mini (uber-fail)





Adrian Gonzales NP


So there you have it. My skills of Ginter relic detection are total garbage. I did find a couple that I needed though, and really, there were several SP's which was surprising. Oh well, it was a fun way to spend $20 buck none-the-less, the Gellner Blaster, if you will!


  1. The packs here appeared to be searched, and the George Washington National Heroes mini I pulled was noticeably damaged.

  2. Which Pettitte mini did you pull?

  3. regular back. interested in it?

  4. Be careful - you don't want the "scarlet letter" as a pack searcher in these parts! Though perhaps we're all better off if you're the one doing the searching at our local big box retailers!

    In fact, feel free to plan a trip to San Diego and buy all the retail A&G you want - and leave the hits for me!

    Also, VERY happy to see you went for a guaranteed auto pack. LOL, those are the best, but I think I'm one of the very few collectors/bloggers out there who really, really likes these things. Whats the difference between two of these or one box of Sweet Spot? Either way you're getting crappy hits. But hey - a relic is a relic is a relic. I'm alway tempted to buy every single one of these type packs when I'm at Target.

  5. you think your hobby shop would let me bring in my weigh scale? :) I think I would have had better luck just getting the Ginter Blaster, but it made for good fun at least.