Thursday, July 23, 2009

Searching for Alex Gordon

Today I stopped by Hobby Shop #2 (not the cranky man) but the knowledgeable, younger owner with the overpriced packs and hobby boxes. I wanted to run my basketball/football questions by him, and after wasting a good half hour of his time, I decided that I should probably purchase a little product.

I was very surprised to see a little section of his store that I had not noticed before, most likely because I was so focused on 2009 cards that I continually passed these by. Turns out that the owner has a half priced pack section of several products. I decided to grab several of these: Beats the heck out of my retail Ginter debocle yesterday, and at 1.50 a pack, I really cant complain. Besides, COULD this bunch of packs contain the ever sought-after Alex Gordan "non" RC? Time will tell...............nope, no gordon, but here are some decent highlights from 10 pack of these...

A couple of Red Sox. Wily Mo also is the pack, not scanned for practical purposes
4 team sets, very nice...

These combo cards were suprisingly nice, though the Mets shot is a little unfortunate. Camera man must have been a yankee fan...

Hanley Ramirez RC, Ryan Zimmerman RC, Craig Hanson RC and Justin Verlander RC. A couple others, but these were the notables. Being 2006, I dont know if this is the first year that RC's were not actually RC's but I wonder about Hanley because he only played in two games for the Sox the previous year. This card is worth keeping an eye on me thinks.

Always nice to find a Johan Twins card, and also included was this shiny Cabrera card.

Okay, this one caught my attention. So it appears the deal with this set is that if you put the cards in order, the back assembles the US Constitution. Deal me in! These would look really cool in binder sheets and would be great for Jacoby. Do any of you have any of these or know where I can obtain them?

There were also a couple opening day cards....

this set suprised me a bit. Lots of variety here and really I cant complain too much about the cards received. The rookies are downright reasonable and this Constitution set has got my attention. A fun rip. I might try to chase this set, but imagine these boxes are difficult to find.


  1. I have an overflowing, large box of 2006 Topps cards if you're ever interested.

    I used to have a ton of the Declaration of Independence cards, but traded most of them away.

  2. Shhh... stop talking. You had me at "half price packs."

  3. it is very tempting...kinda takes the pack rip and collating fun out of it though.

  4. I was always under the impression that the Gordon's were only in wal-mart retail packs. I might be wrong though.