Friday, July 24, 2009

The Art of Rippin One!

I know this makes several blogs in a day, but you all need an excuse to help pass the day anyways, and I keep finding things that amuse me that I would like to pass on to you..."Are you not entertained?!?!"

I decided to pass my lunch hour by youtubing others Allen and Ginter breaks. Probably the most amusing was what a believe to be a couple dudes from Taiwan (the really got excited when they found a Taiwan country card, and gladly displayed a Ching-Ming-Wang National Pride card with their box hits. They happily ripped away, singing some Taiwanese rock songs and a smattering of english when they announced their hit cards. The best moment though was when they discovered a 1/1 Charles Goodyear mini, what I believe to be a wood card, but was tough to tell. It was hand numbered on the back 01/01. Anyways, the cameraman just kept whooping it up and saying " one of one, Goodyear, one of one" and just having the time of his life.

So that was pretty fun stuff. But what amazes me the most is how QUICKLY these guys go through a 100 dollar box of cards. It is pretty hypnotizing actually. He opted for scissors on the break, which is good because you can be embarrassed if you get an exceptionally tough back to rip open.

My question then to you is what is your box break ritual? As a matter of fact, lets have a little fun with this one. Send your ritual story. Be creative, but somewhat honest, and KEEP IT CLEAN. Me and my wife (I am volunteering her) will judge the entries and the winner will receive some wax TBD. Sound fun? No? Well do it anyways because I still have several hours left in my workday! :)


  1. I always set up my box like they've got them displayed in a card shop. You know - folding the top back, all that. I then proceed to open just a few packs a day, like I have a card shop in my guest room! It's not the best card shop in the world since it rarely has any more than one box and random bargain packs in stock at any given time, but you can't beat the price tag of $0 (assuming you can overlook the fact that you paid for all of the store's inventory in the first place).

    My one or two packs a day quickly turns in to three or four packs by the end, because at that point I can justify a trip to the card store for MORE wax, and instead of letting my cards see their replacement and risk hurting any feelings, I finish 'em off and let them believe they're the most important part of my collection.

    And then I start the whole thing over again.

  2. We have different rituals for different situations..

    When we go to an Angels game, I always take some packs in my bag, or maybe even a blaster if I'm feeling free with the $$$. Then in the middle of the second, fourth, and sixth, my hubby and I each open a pack, making sure to look at those stats and not just the purrtyy pictures. Then we swap our cards to see what the other got.

    At home, we are not nearly as patient as Joe S. While we each open packs and share like we do at the games, when we have a box, it often looks more like a six-year-old at Christmas. Often we only glance at the other person's cards until the box is finished, then it's time to sort up (always my job) so we can decide what we want to keep and binder up. The rest go into bix ol' card boxes, which are filling one closet and threatening to invade another. Part of that is due to my Ginter addiction, so I can't blame everything on him.