Thursday, July 23, 2009

Meeting with the CEO

So on occassion, a get the opportunity to sit down with the heart and soul of JD's Wild Cardz, the CEO and President himself, JD Gellner.

I remember it fondly like it was just a few hours ago. There were were sitting around the dinner table, sharing a nice bowl of garden vegetable chicken mush with rice cereal, chatting about the Buehrle's perfect game, the new Red Sox additions and subtractions (so long Julio and your wacky batting stance, just looked painful). We also had a opportunity to talk about some future collection options.

"blaaahaaaaaah" said the president. He was quite pleased with our progress with the A&G base set as we are well on our way to completion. "What would you like to do next"? I asked.

"eeeeeeeeeekkkkkkkkkkk!" he exclaimed. I cannot say that I blame him. It is definitely a tough decision. The summer is already at mid-point, we have already tried many products and nothing has necessarily jumped out at us.

I have been taking a bit lately about how much I enjoyed the Topps flagship series and its seemingly never ending surprises. I enjoyed a nice large 36 pack box and just kept having a blast with it. I would almost buy another just for the entertainment and chance at some cool hits, but the massive amounts of doubles just did not seem worth it.

I have thought about Goudey, I have thought about the upcoming Goodwin series and UD signature, but as time goes by I find myself less impressed with UD other than Masterpieces and that money-sucking Legendary Cuts! And really, at this point I have seen so many similar variations of player photos, that it was time to head down a different path.

"What do we do Mr President"


"Say Again, Sir?


"Blazers, Aldridge, Roy?".......BRILLIANT! Jacoby then washed down his meal with a swig of milk and a smile on his face.

So starting at the end of the month, JD's Wild Cardz will officially raise the curtain on it's first NBA Basketball effort, Topps 2009-10 Basketball. With 36 10 card packs, and a guaranteed 3 hits per box, and managable base set of 330 cards, this seems like just the product to continue my exploration of new products, complete a set, and introduce Jacoby to basketball. After all, it is our only pro team in town.

I thought initially about football, but as much as I love football, I am mostly familiar with offensive stars rather than defensive players (thats why I always play a fantasy league with team defense) and rookies would mostly be as unfamiliar to me as Bowman First Year players. I am well versed in the NBA, and in this hobby, a rookie card is a rookie card, which is always nice.

Do any of you collect basketball cards? I would certainly like to be able to complete my set before gearing up for some exciting 2010 baseball offerings.

In the meantime, I will spend most of the winter focusing on obtaining cards for my pitching phenom wing and finding a way to get rid of extra wax (call it winter cleaning) so there will still be PLENTY of baseball posts to go around.

Anybody out there also collect roundball?


  1. Basketball?? Never heard of it.

    Actually, I bought one box of Topps in 1994 (I think), in search of Anfernee "Penny" Hardaway rookies. I pulled two of them. I haven't checked in a while, but I'd imagine they're worth thousands now.

  2. It might take 1000 "Pennys" to be worth 1000 pennies.

  3. lol thousands...... anyways i have allot of old basketball cards that i would love to get rid of....just let me know.... i'm talking 70's 80's and 90's......

  4. What... Penny Hardaway never panned out? Dang. What about my Juwon Howard rookies, are they worthless too? Noooooooooooooooo!!!