Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Fishin' For Hits!

As many of you many know, when you go to the hobby shop for supplies, you typically cannot seem to walk out of the shop with JUST supplies. It just does not happen. A couple weeks back I was feeling like rippin a couple of packs that for the most part guarantee a hit. These are the packs that normally are way overpriced and only have a few cards.
I got to the shop and discovered that SPX was the way to go. I had never ripped one of this brand yet, so I figured I would give it a go. Mr Cranky gave me a bit of a discount, so I used restraint and just snagged a couple.. so these are SPX 2009 (containing 4 stinkin cards).

Right on, nice start. If you only get 4 cards a pack you feel pretty good to pull guys from your team, so I am happy already. These cards are crazy shiny too, I don't know if they really qualify as refractors, but scans don't really do them justice.
Right behind Pedroia was Beckett, so now I definitely feel that my money was worth spending on a couple unique Sox cards.

The rest of the packs filled out as follows....

Carlos Beltran
Chase Utley
Cal Ripkin 2131 games Upper Deck 20th anniversary retrospective
Joe Dimaggio career highlights
Derek Jeter 20th anniversary retrospectuve "launches new SP brand" card
Joe Dimaggio 359/425 career highlights card. Confused as to what is the difference between this and the other Dimaggio card.

All of these listed above are on the block!

The hits? Here's what I got...

This card just slays me. It is just a comedy of confusion. So here we have Jason Giambi with Oakland...okay, but he is wearing his Yankee hat, and which swatch does he match with because the one to the right sure looks like yankee stripes to me, so maybe he is meant to match up with the grey patch below. Then you have Richie Sexson, and pardon me if I don't keep up on my yankees, but does he even play for them this year?? Also wearing his Mariner helmet, next to the yankee logo. I am not even really sure the connection between these two guys, except that they played with each other for about two months and each hit the road after the season. Odd card. Up for grabs...

This card is more like it. Makes sense which swatch goes where, one player, from starting point to current team. Nice little card of El Caballo. Like the stripes too. Also up for trade.
Overall these packs were fairly interesting, but at four cards a pack, obviously not designed for the set collector in mind. I also found the Red Sox/Yankee theme to be pretty abundant in these packs. Contact me if interested in any of the above (minus the Sox)!

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  1. Sexson played for the Yanks for 22 games in '08... so that's an incredibly bizarre card. Kinda makes you wonder exactly how far in advance they print these things, doesn't it?

    As for trade... I don't know that I have a whole lot right now that'd fit with your collection (I only recently got back into collecting myself) so I don't have a ton of pitching rookies left to offer, but I've got a Kevin Millar bat relic from 03 Topps Traded. It's from the "Transactions" set and features him in full Sox gear. If not, no big deal.