Monday, July 20, 2009

Found My Ginter Happy Spot!

Last night I cracked open my 3rd and final?? box of Ginter. I have gone through them a bit quicker because normally I will rip until I find a relic, collate my cards and call it an evening. As mentioned before, that 2nd box did not give me my hits until the absolute last packs, so that box was cashed in a hurry! The Clayton Kershaw auto was worth the wait though. This is my Matt Damon auto card.
I pulled this one last night. Not too attached to it, but don't seem to have a lot of Rocky fans visit my blog, so he may have to keep Kershaw company for awhile. If you want to swap for him, let me know!

This was something else that I noticed last night. It is very Upper Deck, but I am assuming that this same image is due to the fact that he is a rookie. I dont know if dup images is common in this set.

Now the happy spot. I am only luke-warm with the close-up vertical player shots, though there are a few zoomed out, action shots like the Brandon Phillips card. But where I think Ginter really shines is with their horizontal shots. It just seems that the "widescreen" appearance really opens up the creative possibilities for the designers. For example...

I don't actually have this mini, but rather the regular card. Still very unique.

This is a nice example of a rookie card. Again I think this just pops out a bit more than the vertical shots. This would be a perfect card for a TTM.
This card is pretty ambitious as a lot of background is incorporated into this card. This is one of the few Lincecum cards I have seen where he doesnt have his crazy leg flying around in the air.
My parting though of this post my vote for goofiest card of the set. Sure you have the Donkey Kong Master, the Electron, and Brigham Young staredown (get that boy a diet coke)...but my vote hands down...even before finishing the set goes to...

Mr Ervin "Johan" Santana. I really have no idea what is going on in this card. Mr Santana appears to be flexing his non-existant guns while daintily posing the ball. Mr. Santana, the razzy award goes to you, felicidades!


  1. After 3 boxes you probably came up with some Red Sox doubles. If so I could really use them. Both the Regular and mini versions.

  2. Doubles of Sox are probably going into the binder along with any mini's. These are probably the only doubles off limits, though I may get some triples before all is said and done. I know I already have a triple Jason Bay National Pride card...send me a reminder when I post the availables and I will set them aside for you!

  3. Ooof. I think I passed out for a half-second when I saw the Kershaw auto.

  4. Mike, I can use the Tulo -- he was bornin my hometown ...