Saturday, July 25, 2009

Bad Day/Good Day/Great Day!

There is nothing worse than having to run all over the city on a hot Saturday afternoon. I don't know what it is, but everybody's common sense seems to hit the fan and I swear, SWEAR that there is some guy in a booth at the department of transportation that is flipping the light red every time my car drives by a signal!

I have a slew of lows and highs that have already taken place in the mere 5 hours that I have been awake. Here is a summary...
  • The first thing I did this morning is put my contacts in the wrong eyes. I took me about an hour to figure out that something just was night right with my vision. I must have mixed up the caps when I took them out last night. A hour!
  • Not only were the lights not in my favor, they were not working at all when I drove Jacoby to Mommy and me swim class (I am the photographer :). Ever tried to get 16 lanes of traffic to figure out how a 4-way stop works? I feel really bad for the pedestrian that was almost hit by no less than four cars, AS SHE WAS CROSSING THE STREET IN THE CROSSWALK! Some people were just straight-up blowing right through. "No signals today! Sweet!". Idiots.
  • I forgot Jacoby's diaper bag at home, guess who got to go back home and back to the pool through the same outage mess!
  • Later, went to figure out the debacle of the optometrist not only ordering the wrong set of contacts for me, but only a trial set instead of a six-month set! I think he is going to hook me up with an extra 6-months though (wink wink) so if that is the case, then everything is disco.
  • While waiting for the optometrist to finish with a patient so we could have said discussion, I went next door to Jamba Juice (or something like it) to get a smoothie. I waited for five minutes as I watched a clearly frazzled employee try to read the ingredients on the smoothies as well as...cook a panini? Okay, so I am working on a Masters in Business and I would like to impart a tiny bit of knowledge for smoothie owner 1) stick to your product, smoothies! 2) If you are going to have a rookie employee, first of all have a veteran there to help train him and keep traffic flowing, and secondly, don't pick a busy weekend as an optimal time to let him fly solo!

I think that covers the bad! Wait! Not yet. As I type "Godzilla" (the Matthew Broderick version) is on TV. BAD! Nuke the Garden!

Now onto the good (cuz its just more fun!)

I went to Target to pick up a cooler for our family vacation to the beach in a few days (which is really good) and of course stopped by the blaster section to peruse. I figure if I cant get a smoothie or contacts, I might as well get some cards! I am really hit and miss with UD products, but figured that a Icons blaster was worth a go. The jersey cards look pretty classy and I am guaranteed one, so what the heck. Lets shoot for some Red Sox. I will post results later. Also decided to make a grab at a few retail goudey packs just for kicks. I know a few people who collect them and maybe something nice will come out to send them.

Then off to the hobby shop. Firstly I picked up 75 binder sheets and plan on transferring my A&G to binders so I can actually look at my cards.......dude, there is a load of Godzillas running all amok in MSG! Good thing Broderick tipped over that gumball machine and caused a 10 godzilla pileup. Smart thinking Ferris!

Secondly, I took the plunge on some Topps Basketball. I was able to talk a sweet deal and this is only a 220 card base set, so doing the math on 36 packs of 10 cards, I should at least get most of the base and my guess is some side series to chase. This is a feeler set to see if I like them, if so I am in for 09-10 coming out at the end of August. Don't worry, I won't bog down this blog with too many pack breaks, (but maybe a few) for you baseball purists out there. I am excited now that Portland picked up Andre Miller. Yet another quality player heads to the West.
Okay, now the GREAT!
As I was adjusting my fantasy lineups for today, I came upon the realization that Milwaukee plays Atlanta today, not necessarily notable minus the fact that it is Yovani Gallardo V Tommy Hansen! A phenom pitcher fans dream come true. To make this even better I have the MLB package, and the wife and kid are down visiting friends for the entire day! PERFECT conditions for a box rip and some great baseball! This game is so choice, I highly recommend anybody with the means to watch this game! (Sorry, I am on bit of Ferris Bueller kick right now!
Oh man, just when you thought the godzillas were toast, here is some super godzilla that just came out of the wreckage of dead baby godzillas. This can't be good. I am having a Transformers 2 flashback!
have a great day!

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  1. I noticed you commented on Portland picking up Andre Miller. I'm a huge blazers fan and currently go to school down in Eugene (Oregon) @ the U of O. I'm not sure how I feel about this pick up, I guess you can say a bit of mixed feelings. I wish they were able to pull Millsap away from the Jazz since I love the way he is able to grab boards! Andre is a little on the back end of his career and while he may be a great addition I hope this doesn't cut down on bayless' playing time. I was really happy to see sergio go and make more time available for Jerryd Bayless since I think he has great potential and is very exciting to watch. I guess I will have to wait and see how things work themselves out as the season comes around.