Saturday, February 13, 2010

Pack #19

Jason Marquis
Jose Guillen
Gary Sheffield
Kyle Phillips
Mark Teixeira
Tim Lincecum ToppsTown
Chris Coghlan
Jack Cust
Chicago Cubs (horizontal) +5
Tales of the Game - Jeter flip (horizontal) +5

Pack 19 total = +10

Pack #20

Carlos Delgado
Chad Tracy
Paul Molitor CYMTO
Cesar Izturis
Carlos Carrasco
Ricky Romero
Chris Davis (shades) +5
Adam Dunn (Cellar Dwellar) -5
The DEATH CARD! Nick Swisher BLACK BORDER = -100

Total for pack 20 = -100

Pack #21

Baltimore Orioles (horizontal) +5
Randy Johnson (horizontal) +5
Casey Blake (Ed Rooney) +10
Eric Young Jr (bonus player) +5
Freddy Sanchez
Million Card Giveaway Gary Carter
Alfonso Soriano Peak Performance
Brian Mccann toppstown
Hideki Matsui (Yankee scum) -10
Micky Mantle (yep, still counts) -10

Pack 21 total = 5

Pack #22

Josh Thole (horizontal) +5
Daniel Murphy GOLD plus a flying bat = 25
Travis Buck (flying bat) + 5
Ian Kinsler (bonus player) +5
Joe Mauer Toppstown (top o the heap) +5
Victor Martinez (Sox) +5
Denard Span
Ivan Rodriguez
Humberto Quintero
Ian Stewart

Pack 22 total= +50

Packs 19-22 total = - 35
Oh my! Well, not that any of these packs were anything amazing, but all it took was one card to really do me in! I am not saying that this thing is said and done, but it is going to take some really special pulls to dig out of this hole. Lets see what happens next post!


  1. Ouch! That Swisher card killed you! Any chance that I could get the ToTG Jeter's flip card when the competition is all said and done? I'm trying my hardest not to purchase any packs of 2010 topps but there are still some cards I'd like to pick up here and there

  2. my goal at this point is to complete the insert sets, but we'll see where I stand after two boxes. Thats a pretty cool insert though!