Monday, February 8, 2010

Super Bowl recap and too much underwear!

What am I doing writing about Football? Clearly this is a baseball blog, so what gives?

Okay fine, here is some baseball....Johnny Damon is still looking for a job.

Great! Let's talk about football!

Well, yesterday the wife and I took Jacoby to his first-ever Super Bowl party. The party has been traditionally held in the basement of a friend who is renting it out to a buddy to live in. Think "Happy Days" and the Fonz. Except the friend is a computer nutter and an absolute dead-eye at Call of Duty...So actually think "The Fonz" meets "Warlock from Die Hard 4". Yeah, that pretty much sums him up.

So basically the basement is stocked with a Wii, Xbox360, Playstation3, a 56 in LCD and a 32 inch LCD that doubles as a computer screen. Throw in full surround sound and you have the ultimate Super Bowl location.

On Saturday I headed out with Jacoby to one of those T-Shirt press stores and had him made up a "Who Dat" tshirt (the one from my blog photo yesterday). Most of the people at the party were going to be Colts fans so I thought Jacoby and I could make a grand entrance. I am sure glad they won though, because the shirt is a 2T size (a bit big), and he is going to be able to wear it for awhile. Now it is trendy!

Oh, by the way, during that T-Shirt stop I also stopped at the card shop and broke down and bought the 2007 tin of Sweet spot with delusions of a Lincecum auto...turns out I got an expired redemption for a Russell Martin glove. I am going to contact UD, as the redemption just expired in November, but talk about anti-climatic. I am pondering offering up the entire tin (plus the Martin, should it be redeemable) for trade. The other cards included are reasonably good. Should I post them?

Anyways, back to the game. So we get to the party and while Jacoby is overwhelmed at first, he discovers two of his favorite things, toys and other little kids, and before you know it, the three of them are playing happily.

Here's how I break down the day on the Gellner-o-Meter

The Good:

The Food: My buddy Mike makes a killer salsa. Perfect heat and cilantro. A Super Bowl tradition. My wife made some smokies wrapped in croissants with a honey glaze. Money. There were these Tyson frozen chicken wings that were surprisingly good as well. It was rumored that there was fruit somewhere, but I could not see it past the brownies.

The contests: I design a game each year where there are questions about who will win the coin flip, who will score first, questions about the commercials, halftime act, etc... for the second year running I won my own game, in fact I nearly nailed the score head on at 31-24, but alas Peyton could not get it in the end zone. I also totally stunk it up at the scoreboard for the second year in a row and won NOTHING.

The game: Hard to complain about this one. Really there have not been too many stinkers for the last several years. I can't say whether that has been attributed to my forced sobriety (I am on blood-thinners), therefore I can actually REMEMBER the end of the game, but I think they have been pretty entertaining for the last several years. I STILL cannot believe that the Giants beat the Patriots though. I was drunk for that one, thus dramatically skewing my perceptions of reality.

The outcome: Who Dat! I swear that there was a lot more cheering when N.O. scored than when Peyton and his army put up points. I think people naturally have a soft-side for the underdog. And lets face it, that onside kick was PURE GUTS. It is very similar to the Patriots-Colts.

Pantless Jacoby: Jacoby had an unfortunate accident somewhere in the second quarter where he wet through his jeans. Unfortunately, we had forgotten to bring another set of clothes, other than pajama bottoms. Mom took him upstairs to change. As we are watching the game we are forced to witness not one, but TWO pantless ads in a row. In true comedic timing, right after the second ad, downstairs comes Jacoby wearing nothing but his long "Who Dat?" shirt and a diaper. Comedy gold.

The Bad:

The commercials!: DayF had this pegged as well. Those commercials were either A) terrible, B) Terrifying, or C) Both. The underwear ads were just plain wrong, but the Etrade ads have lost their luster, and my personal pick for most horrifying went to the drones who worked at an office "I will nod and say yes even if I disagree". It gives you about 30 seconds of pure real-office-life hell before the guy rips outta the office in an Audi. Basically, "Everything else about my day pretty much sucks, but at least I drive a rippin' car". Terrible and horrifying. Did I mention the underwear ads? Who needs to see baggy tighty-whities on pasty cottage cheese legs? That's four million dollars down the drain. Oh and one more thing...the Denny's ads? WHY are they paying 12 million dollars to advertise that they are giving away a free grand slam?

The Who: Let me justify this statement. I like The Who. And I will say that while I thought that they were incredibly rough in the first couple of minutes, they seemed to loosen up and got stronger as the performance went along. That said, I was terribly disappointed that they only sang their CSI songs. I would have thought "maybe one" but NOOOOO, all succession! I guess since the Super Bowl was on CBS, the producers probably made that call, but it was still sad to see the band packaged as one long television ad. The Who HAVE other hits, really they do!

The Ugly:

The Drive Home: We drove all of the way across the big city of Portland, Oregon to watch the game. The drive home was a mixture of cop cars and wild and swerving drivers who were really in a hurry or had had one too many libations during the game. Either way, I felt like I was in Speed Racer or playing Super Mario Cart.

The evening dinner? This happens every year. The game starts at such an awkward time (at least here on the West Coast) and ends right around 7 or 7:30. You have been snacking all day on wings, meatballs, salsa, brownies and other oddities, but when you go home you feel like you should eat something decent, but are unsure if you are hungry or if any extra food will put your stomach over the top in revolt. Back in the drinking days, this is also about the time that the hangover would start kicking in...nothing worse than an early evening hangover. For the record, Jacoby went to bed, the wife ate a turkey sandwich and an apple...I settled on mint chocolate chip ice cream!

Well, that wraps up the Super Bowl post. My wife rolled her eyes when I said that their was no major sports until April "you'll find something". Oh yeah...I totally forgot that the Olympics start this week! Dang those wives for always being right!


  1. We tried our hand at hosting a super bowl party and it turned out ok. However, it did not result in any tins of Sweet Spot.

    Joseph's sleep pattern resulted in a nap right up until Porter's INT, which was nice. Thankfully, a large portion of the guests either work with kids or are pregnant and expecting soon, so it was not a burden having the only kid.

    Great game, though! My family lives in Mississippi, near New Orleans, so I've kinda sorta got some ties there, not that I needed any to pull for the Saints!

  2. The Olympics start this week? Seriously?