Thursday, February 11, 2010

Midpoint Stetch! Packs 15-18

Needless to say, this hombre has some ground to make up, so onward we rip!

Pack #15

Brandon Morrow
Mike Sweeney
Justin Upton Toppstown (cellar dwellar) -5
Willie McCovey TR (sweet...old timer) +10
History of the Game first game in Japan (horizontal) +5
Adrian Gonzalez (horizontal) +5
Javier Vasquez
David Eckstein
Adam Kennedy (shades) +5
Eric Aybar (shades) +5

Pack 15 total = 25 pts

Pack #16

Rich Harden
Andrew Mccutchen Toppstown (cellar dwellar) -5
Hank Greenberg Turkey Red (very nice card) +10 for being an old timer
Howard/Hamels Cards Your Momma Threw Away
Juan Pierre (bonus player and horizontal) +10
Huston Street (horizonal)+5
NL Batting Avg Leaders (horizontal) +5
Jays franchise history
Yovani Gallardo YO!
Ryan Theriot (Ed Rooney style glasses and bonus Rollins) +15

Pack 16 total = 40 pts!

Pack #17

Mets Franchise History
Matt Kemp
Adrian Gonzalez Toppstown
Fielder/Thomas Legendary Lineage (horizonal) +5
Ozzie Smith CYMTO ooooooh yeeeah
Matt Holliday (horizontal) +5
Dustin Richardson (red sox) +5
Gil Meche
Kyle Blanks
Brad Kilby

Pack 17 total = +15
Pack #18
Ty Wiggington
Tim Wakefield (sox) +5
Zach Greinke (cellar dwellar) -5
Ripken/Jeter LL (horizontal) +5
Million card giveaway Bob Gibson
Milton Bradley (horizontal, shades) +10
AL Home Run Leaders (horizontal) +5
Jarrod Washburn
Garrett Mock
Rick Porcello
Pack #18 total = 20

Grand total packs 15-18 = 100 pts!

Thoughts: Well, reaching a hundo on four packs is nothing to sniff at, though I hear Joe has been on fire with his rips and is likely destroying me yet again this week. I am still pretty casi-casi on the base cards, but I continue to pull some nice CYMTO as well as am warming up to the Legendary Lineage cards. I really like the pairings and the design is pretty slick. A card like this would never work if Upper Deck were running the show. They would design a card with two random players like Bob Gibson and Prince Fielder, Or Ozzie Smith and Justin Verlander. Just would not make a lick o sense. I like em. More to come on Saturday.

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