Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Keep on Rippin! Packs 9-14

Well, for every season, turn, turn, turn. The tides were in favor, the moons and the planets all aligned for Joe during this Super-Rip 6-pack edition of the Topps-O-Cuffs grudge match. I actually ended up with a couple of negative packs in this session, and the relic (though a nice one for a stupid piece of fabric) really took a chunk out of my score. Still though, we are just over a third-of the way through, and there is still time to pull a comeback! Here is the latest rips...

Pack #9

Craig Counsell (bonus player AND Ed Rooney style flipped-up shades) +15 BOZANGA!
Kelly Shoppach (PLUS Umpire in shot) +5
Pujols ToppsTown (leaders) +5
Roy Halladay Peak Performers
TOTG-Reggie Jackson (horizontal) +5
Asdrual Cabrera (horizontal) +5
Wilkin Ramirez (horizontal with bonus player) +10
Melvin Mora
Orlando Cabrera (shades) +5
Derrek Lee (isnt this the same pose he has in every set?)

Pack 9 total = 50 pts! Daaaaaaaaaaamn!

Pack #10

Scott Hairston

Vladamir Guerrero

Hanley Ramirez Toppstown

When they were young Russell Martin in some crazy PJ's

Juan Uribe Gold

Mike Gonzalez (horizontal) +5

Ross Ohlendorf (horizontal) +5

Rays franchise history (an unfortunate moment)

Brandon Inge (in what is probably THE scariest card of the set thus far, Inge looks like he is 95 years old).

Andrew McCutchen

Pack 10 total = 10 pts....and we plummet back down to earth.

Pack #11

Randy Wolf (hugging buddies bonus shot) +5

Ronny Cedeno (bonus player) +5

Ichiro Toppstown

Reggie Jackson Peak Performance (sporting the sweet shades)

Duke Snider CYMTO - Sweeeeet card. Love this series (horizontal) +5

St. Louis Cardinals team card (horizontal) +5

Albert Pujols "Mr Card Number 100"

Francisco Cordero

Miguel Tejada (sunglasses) +5

Tim Stauffer

Pack 11 total = +25

Pack #12

Detroit Tigers (orange trim, Grand Cards Fav)

Roy Halladay Toppstown

Ricky Nolasco When They Were Young (awww, he looks pissed then, and looks pissed now!)

History of the Game - Nolan Ryan

Juan Francisco (horizontal) +5

Henry Rodriguez

Chris Young

CC Sabathia (Yankee scum) -10

Hank Blalock

Jeff Neimann

Pack 12 total - -5 Ewwwwwwww! Puke Green.

Pack #13

Daniel McCutchen


Brad Penny

Timmy! Toppstown

Raul Ibanez Peak Performance

Million card giveaway Carl Yastrzemski style!

Lance Berkman/Mike Hampton creepy, pale hugging buddies card (horizontal +5, Bonus Player +5, and Posed shot +5) total +15

Placido Polanco

David "it's all" Wright

Aubrey Huff

Total for pack 13= a measly, crummy +15

Pack # 14

Kevin Youk Cards Your Mother Threw Out

AL ERA Leaders (horizontal) +5

Jhonny Peralta

Chris Snyder (Mask a flyin!) +5

Joey Votto

Adam Dunn Toppstown (cellar dwellars) - 5

Kendry Morales

PANTS PANTS, Cal....Ripkin's.........Pants.......relic.....uggggggg....-20

Total for pack #14 = -15

Grand total for packs 9-14= +80

Holy smokes! I definitely have some ground to make up.

Latest impressions: I still think that some of the base cards suffer from crowding with the additional bling added to the left side of the cards. I also still believe that the horizontal cards just work better with this design and there have definitely been some nice base cards that use this format. I am obviously disappointed in not only pulling a relic, but also knowing that I am only a third of the way through the box and the mystery hit has already revealed itself. I still hold out for the bonus hit, the silk or some other BOOM! but when you limit yourself to only two packs a day, you can get pretty itchy to find that surprise.

I still value the CYMTO inserts the most, simply because I am a new collector and am pretty much learning the history of baseball in reverse by slowly working backwards in time. I will say this though, I am getting much better at seeing a base card and being able to name the year...slowly getting better. The Youk is great and the Snider is a nice add as well. I still don't know whether there are the original backed cards in this set or whether people are just playing a joke by throwing their cards into rips, but if legit, it would sure be fun to pull one of those.

I am also a bit curious about the whole Million Card giveaway feature that has yet to open its doors. I don't know if those are for cyber cards, or a way to get actual cards. I have no idea, but we will all find out soon enough I guess.

Well, that's it for now. Send me some mojo to help me get back into this baby!


  1. Competition or not, that Ripken is a nice pull compared to many of the other cards pulled so far out of this product, I'd be glad with that.

  2. I guess a part of me is still holding out hope for a Pujols auto some day. He must be in the second box!