Thursday, February 11, 2010

Olympics Contest Update

If you wanna know whats going on, please click here! Also, please continue to put your number requests in the original post so I can keep it all straight!

Updates! Hi Folks! Final day to pick your number! We have done a great job of filling up most of the competing countries, but there are still a few juggernauts left to be had! See below for the remaining numbers and sign up before the opening ceremonies tonight.

Also, I need MMMRHUBARB to go back into the comments and pick again. your number was already taken! Use the list below as a guide.

One more quicky. It seems that this little contest has garnered a little attention from the TeamUSA organization. A representative has asked if I would be willing to place a link on the blog promoting the games and in support of Team USA. Normally I don't do links, but in the spirit of competition and supporting the local athletes, I figured what the heck. so if you click on this link you will be taken to where you have the ability to sign up for Olympic updates, shop for official apparel, post banners, and other various Olympic themed functions. If interested click in the link above and I will also post in my sidebar throughout the games!



As of 2:45 PM Pacific these numbers are currently still up for grabs!


The bonus question was correctly answered by Mark's Ephemera with David Letterman (or more specifically, Letterman's mother. Mark receives and extra three entries!

Some big boys fell this evening, but there are still a LOT of good countries left out there! Keep on pickin!


  1. Awesome contest man. Could I get in with number 61?

  2. here's your bribery link...

  3. Hmmmm... I've never had that happen to me with a draft post.

    My Advice:

    click on the tab that says Edit HTML next time it happens. There might be a bunch of extra junk html in there causing the spacing.

    If you get the spacing again try this:
    In the Compose tab, select all text and copy.
    Paste the text into Notepad. All the formatting should be gone.
    Copy this text and past it into a new post.
    All the formatting is gone, no more triple space.

    I hope that helps, I need all the entries I can get.

  4. Here's a possible resolution to the double space issue...

    The behaviour of your blog with respect to spaces will be different depending on your settings.

    Look under Settings - Formatting beside Convert Line Breaks. If you like to hit return a couple of times for double line spacing, then set it to Yes. If you're having trouble with way too much line spacing in your blog, try setting it to No. You can set this for individual posts, too, under Post Options, at the bottom left while editing any one post.

    I found it here.

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  6. sorry fellas! I tried BOTH techniques and both failed. Each should have worked, but neither did. Sorry. Fuji, you just drew Macedonia. I will enter you in.

  7. JD, here is my link giving your contest some pub...

  8. JD...that double spacing issue is one I have trouble with too.

  9. I picked 21 on the Muy Muy Olympioso post if yer still checking it. I hope I get Greenland!

  10. how do I keep screwing this up. #35. if that is taken just shoot me (o:

  11. JD,

    Can I get #45? Thanks

    Ric Knapp

  12. Thanks! link to the contest is here. Great idea of a contest

  13. Can I get in with #83? Apparently Madagascar is no longer competing in the Olympics:

  14. i picked 76 over on the other post, but didn't see my name on the contest roll and 76 is still on the hasnt been picked like to win this thing!!

  15. 50 still open then? I'm hoping for Pakistan, maybe?