Thursday, June 4, 2009

Waiting, Waiting, Waiting

Geez, they must be delivering the mail on horses again, because I continue to wait for some hobby boxes to show up so I can get back to work. I know for sure that a Topps 2008 series 1 hobby box is coming tomorrow, just in time for the weekend, but I also have one of each series from ebay that I cannot tell whether they have even shipped (I assume it would be somewhere on the transaction, but nothing yet. The seller gave me positive feedback for quick payment...thanks bud, but how bout that shipment??

So basically I am in a holding pattern at the moment for what I have available for trade. I really want to get through these boxes to see how far I am from completing certain series. Once I have a better idea where I stand I will create a link with wants and tradeables. In the meantime I bought several packs a few days ago and have been slowly opening them up to tide me over until the big shipment arrives. So last night I find:
Sweet...another one for my Sesame Street collection. These are kinda fun just for the thrill of the unknown, might end up being my first signature card...probably going to be a throwback Mike Greenwell...anyways since 7 comes before 10, I should have this one by late next fall, so that is pretty exciting! :)

Not much else to report currently from the card front. Just twiddling my thumbs waiting for those boxes to show up...hang in there everybody!

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