Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Topps 2009 Series 1 and 2 Trading Cards

I am going to just jump right in and say that for the immediate future, these posting will mostly be around Topps 2009 trading cards since this is the collection that I have decided to attack first.

So the first thing I did is go to the local hobby shop, look completely overwhelmed at the sheer number of cards available for sale, and then proceed to the counter for advice (greenhorn). I then grabbed a 660 card cardboard box and 400 soft sleeves, as well as a hobby box of Topps 2009 Series 2 trading cards.

At this point, another little bit about myself. I love Excel. I love creating spreadsheets, and the first thing I did was create a Topps 2009 Series 2 spreadsheet, numbered 331-660, and left a field for name, team, and quantity. Also color coded quantity so I can easily determine if I have a dup...you get the idea.

I open up that box and...WOW, look at all those packs for me to open. I let my wife open the first pack, she pulls a Dustin Pedroia...lucky girl. I then meticulously take a card one at a time, log it in the spread, and then softsleeve it.

Several packs in I realize that there is more than just player cards, the inserts start to appear...

Turkey Red
Ring of Honor
Legends of the Game
Career Legends

Whoa, so now I create a spreadsheet to list those as well, one sheet for each type. I keep those separate from the base set (see I am already learning the terminology). then I discover...whats this?? Gold cards? So I create a field for those. At the end of each session I have gathered and placed the cards safely in there box in numbered order. At this time I am 33 cards shy of completing base set for Topps 2009 Series 2). Did I forget to mention that I have already run out to buy more packs, and now I have collated duplicates? Also another hobby box (thank you ebay) on the way as well as a hobby box for Topps 2009 Series 1. I am in deep already :)

This is just general information, my next posts will be more specific to insert series and relics etc, but just wanted to point out the level of my madness. Though I guess the point would be, if any of you is looking for a particular card, I can easily look it up and locate it for you!

To be continued!

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