Friday, June 5, 2009

JD's Rookie Cards

Well, another day passed and no cards yet. I am told at least one hobby box should be arriving today, so this weekend is all about the grip and rip! In the meantime I thought I would share with you a couple cards that I acquired for my 6 month old boy Jacoby Dustin (JD, you humble blog host). We live out here in Oregon and I have watched Jacoby Ellsbury play since his days at Oregon State. Unfortunately he missed out on the back-to-back titles by one year, but we was definitely a main part of the out-of-nowhere run that Oregon State made back in 2005.

Every season, my wife and I head up to Seattle to represent Red Sox Nation up at Safeco field. The atmosphere is pretty amazing and I almost feel sorry for the Mariner fans having to deal with such a raucous crowd (though EVERY time the Sox play there, Seattle has their number). We got some great shots of Ellsury and Pedroia at the plate (Papi was in time-out that weekend, and Youk was still aching) which gave us a chance to see guys like Rocco Baldelli and Jeff Bailey go 0-fer whatever that weekend.

Anyways, we thought it would be nice to frame the photos along with an Ellsbury and Pedroia rookie card. I visited (hey my first link plug!) and was hooked up with these...
Both look great, came very quickly, and were hard-cased, so thank you to Chuck for your efforts.
So, these rookie cards bring me to a discussion question. This year and moving forward I intend to put away each and every rookie card in the series. My question to you is, which rookies do you think will make a big impact this season. David Price is an obvious pick, maybe Mat Gamel, Matt Weiters, Tommy Hanson (Braves had better hope so) who else do you think is going to be the Ryan Braun or Evan Longoria of 2009?

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