Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My (sound?) strategy

Well folks, being new to collecting, I have been immersing myself in websites and blogs learning about the art of collecting. What I have pretty much determined is...

A)There are a ton of blogs out there doing exactly what I am doing
B)There are a ton of sites on collecting methodology, basically collect what you like.

So based on all of this knowledge in hand, I initially went out and bought one hobby box in hopes of gaining MOST of a base set, then I went online and purchased a base set for series 1. My initial thought was to just complete the base set, put it aside and see about pursuing those Turkey Reds or Short Run cards. Pretty sound strategy, right?

But NOOOOOO, I had to discover the joy of ebay and found myself the happy winner of a series 2 hobby box for half of what I paid at the hobby store. I did not mean to win, just got lucky I guess. Anyways I figured there is a good chance that I will pull all (or most) of the 33 cards that I am short...but what to do with the rest...I another series 1 hobby box! Hurray for ebay cuz I got one of them too (I was curious on this one though as I was the only bidder, though the description looks sound, and the seller is spotless). Anyways, new strategy has evolved...

I now think that I am going to form two complete base sets, put one away, and then find the scraps to complete a second set, and use that set to possibly trade for a hobby box of another series or something. Plus with 3 more boxes on the way, I should gain a considerable amount towards my Turkey Red set or maybe luck out and get a cut sig or sketch card (I am learning quick).

Does this method make sense, or am I just throwing way too much money into this already?

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