Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Relic Cards and Short Runs

I thought I would share what special cards I have come upon thus far. I know that none of these are of great value, but since they are my first set of cards, I feel okay about what I have so far. I think the best part is that I have obtained 3 relic cards, even though I have only purchased one full hobby box. So basically I had the luck of the pack draw for the other two. Not too shabby I guess. So here is what I have so far...

This was pretty exciting to pull because I had just read about these in a blog that day. I have no idea how common they are, but it is pretty exciting to know that I might receive an autographed rookie card. Who knows, might even be David Price. I logged this baby in, but was dismayed to learn that it is the last in the series of 10, so will be late fall (or beyond) before I receive it.

This is the relic that I pulled from my hobby box. Since this was my first "special card" I was pretty stoked, although I am not much of a Cubs fan. Either way, in the sleeve it goes...I have a blue stripe on the B, does that help?

I went to a hobby shop and grabbed five packs and scored this relic. The guy allows you to pick out your packs, but you cant squeeze them for thickness, so felt pretty lucky to get this.

Different hobby shop, another 5 packs, another relic. Same player? Oh well, still pretty lucky pull.

This was probably the most exciting (and addicting) moment so far. As I said before, I open the packs and place them face down so I can log the name and card number into my spreadsheet. I had already gotten past the middle section (Red Turkey, Ring of Honor, that stupid hobbytown card etc, and started to log....waaa? Ryne Sandberg? Card #350...hmm, already have Dustin Pedroia...holy crap, is this a short run??? That was pretty much the conversation going through my head. Pulling short runs is FUN!

Again, this is my first rodeo, so some of you may role your eyes, but I am excited to know that at least I am off and running and starting to get my feet wet! When those 3 boxes arrive, if I pull a sketch card or another SR, I may wet myself like JD.

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