Saturday, June 6, 2009

I'm on a mission from Mark Bellhorn

So I have been trying to figure out where I want to take my collection besides just working on the 2009 Topps sets. I decided that I would really like to start a collection of 2004 Boston Red Sox cards, the dream team. Bellhorn, Caveman Johnny (not that other turncoat), Schilling, Pedro, Lowe, Fulke....basically anything related to THAT YEAR or any commemorative cards from 2005. I would be very grateful if you all would help me locate some nice cards from them days!

In other news, I have found an ingenious way to dispose of unwanted cards...
RIP Kendall Gill (well, kinda). Jacoby has also been known to dispose of a New York Yankee from time to time.

In even more news, going through some randoms my wife brought home from the office, I have apparently assembled a 1996 Seattle Mariner Team set. I have cards P1-P20 in good condition, but have no idea if it is the full set. Contains, Griff, A-Hole, Randy Johnson, Edgar Martinez, Jay Buhner, etc. I cannot seem to find any info on this online...rather odd. What have I got here and does anybody want it? Just let me know.

Pack opening is going well. I was thrilled to find a Jackie Robinson short print within the first 5 packs of the box, so hoping the luck continues. Will let you know more later!


  1. Thanks for checking out my site! I've added your site to my blogroll. Also - I've got plenty of Sox cards to send your way. I've got one with a pic of Tek holding the World Series trophy (though I think its from '07)... I was about to toss it into my shredder but now it's yours.

    I'll have to go through my '04s for ya... that was the first year I got BACK into collecting, so I should have plenty.

    Give me some time to sort through them, but in the mean time, is your mailing address posted somewhere?

  2. Hey Joe,

    Thanks for being the first to comment on the new blog. I am hoping to grow this into a nice community where we can all help each other out! As for the addy, I know this is kinda roundabout, but email me at and I will send you my addr.