Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Rookie Collector Strikes Again!

Well now folks...I have been back in this hobby for about 30 days now, starting to get that collectors swagger, knowing what to look for in pack, knowing the lingo, feeling really sharp (this entire statement is bogus, but I gotta give myself a boost from time to time. Well, my rookieness showed up again this evening...I mean, I would actually WEAR green horns if they made em!

Let me explain. From previous posts I have explained that I have veered a bit off course in my goal of sticking to finishing off a few sets before moving to other brands. WELL, since I am only three cards short of a set (56, 136, 212....starting to feel like the magic numbers on LOST), I decided that I would do try a different route and buy a target blaster set. Those of you more experienced already know the flaw in my thinking!

So the first thing I notice is how faded the backing is, then the texture of the card, then the logo on the front....whoops! Looks like no progress towards my set tonight!

That being said, I still had an outside chance to pick up some Turkey Red, and this blaster did not disappoint, as I received:

Two more down off of my list, so thats okay, plus I got a dup of Bengie Molina if anybody needs him!

I received two more gold cards, #297 Bud Black and #651 Jake Westbrook

This is interesting, took me a few moments looking around on Beckett to figure these out: This Cy Young image was borrowed from Topher at Crackin Wax, I promise to purchase a scanner soon!

So these are Target specific Legends of the game. Okay...not what I need, but okay.

The bonus patch was actually the most unexpected joy of the box: This patch is from the 1961 All-Star Game in Candlestick Park. I really think this card is beautifully made and the coloring is fantastic. I would say this rivals any relic that I have pulled so far. Very happy.
So here is the deal. I remember back when I was a kid and I could only afford to purchase a pack or two at a time. While these Target common cards don't fit my collecting needs, I would love the opportunity to send to to somebody who would appreciate them. If you are that person or know of somebody, please let me know and they will be in the mail pronto!


  1. What you got was a Target-only Throwback blaster. Walmart has their own blasters as well, except the cards have black backgrounds behind the players and are on normal cardstock instead of the classic cardboard used for the Target Throwbacks. If you look at the UPC on the box, there should be a 12 somewhere in the number for the Throwbacks, a 13 for the Blackbacks, and a 10 for the regular set.

  2. yep, there was a 12 on the UPC. The only indicator! Oh well, any chance I can take to make a take a Mickey out of myself...

  3. Send me an email with your shipping address, I got the three cards to finish your set.