Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A clearer picture....

Just a quick update for you: Tonight I should finally receive my second series 1 hobby box. This means that within a couple of days I will have a complete picture of where I stand with each subset and then direction I want to head with collecting this series. I will most likely be willing to jettison cards from a certain series if it means completing another series. I also am looking to finish off base set 1-660 as well as get as close as possible to completing base set #2 (which I would be willing to trade if anybody is interested.

Each and every card has received a white glove treatment. Just handled long enough to put in a sleeve and then to sort into order in a box. Yes that means EVERY card, even the Eric Gagne's of the world.

Long story short, Very soon I will have a ton more in my trading post, both wants and tradeables. I REALLY would like to complete a Turkey Red series as well as Career Best Legends, so please let me know what I can send your way to make that happen.

Hopefully this box kicks me my first Auto card or maybe another SP. Wish me luck!

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